10 Strange Facts About Period Sex

For most women, sex is off limits when Aunt Flow comes every month. What if that weren’t the case? What if you could have sex while on your period and come to really enjoy it? Instead of immediately shutting down the idea of doing the horizontal tango with your man during your period, maybe you should consider it.

Here are 10 strange facts about period sex that may help you change your mind.
1. It’s declared safe by doctors. Doctors give the thumbs up when it comes to having sex during your period, as long as you and your partner are comfortable. Just make sure to put an old towel down to prevent staining or reenact your favorite shower sex scene to make clean up easy.

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2. Achieving an orgasm can help to alleviate cramps. Do you suffer from bad cramps every month? Why not try to have sex and see if it helps? The muscle contractions you experience when orgasming can increase blood flow and soothe the uterus as well.

3. You have higher chances of getting a sexually transmitted disease. Not as much as a benefit, but something you should be aware of. Having sex during your period can increase your chances of getting an STD. Play it safe and wrap it up!

4. You may have the best sex during your period. During menstruation, your estrogen and testosterone levels will rise. This can cause you to be more sensitive and aroused. Also, you will have a natural lubricant while menstruating, which eliminates the hassle of having to deal with store bought lubricants.

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5. Being on your period allows you to be creative. If your flow is heavy or you aren’t comfortable, there are other ways to have fun. Clitoral stimulation or even anal sex can come into play for you and your partner. Be creative!

6. Don’t freak out if you see clumps. Dark red or brown clumps are natural and nothing to be alarmed about. It’s just the shedding of the uterine lining.

7. You also have chances of not seeing any blood at all. Sometimes, the blood is pushed back during sex so you may not see anything after the deed is done. It doesn’t mean your period is over, so make sure to clean up and use a tampon or panty liner to avoid ruining your cute underwear.

8. Your partner might really be into it. It may be weird to say, but your partner can be totally down with having period sex. Especially if you are easy to arouse and turn on.

9. Some men dig the smell. As with all fetishes, some things you think wouldn’t be a turn on are. There are some men who actually love the scent of period blood. Who knew!

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10. Your period can make you want sex more! During your menstruation period, you might find yourself becoming a sexual tigress. When it’s that time of the month, the levels of progesterone, the hormone which is blamed for lowering libido is at its lowest. This can result in you craving sex more.