10 sure-fire reasons men assume you don’t want to be approached

You are no real judge of women, but you are pretty sure that you are an 8 at least. Why are guys not approaching you? Maybe the question should be “are you approachable?” Please don’t get this mixed up with being loud dressing flamboyantly and spanking yourself on the dance floor. Sometimes there are turn offs for guys, but are you presentable and welcoming? Here are a few other things you may want to consider.

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Note however that some guys may not be there to hook up. They could be there with their buddies or even taken. This happens, so if you try to catch a guy’s eye and it don’t work do not get discouraged. It may not be you at all. Otherwise follow the tips below.

1.  Guys want their approach to be their own and times just right. If he feels like he is interrupting then he likely won’t approach you. If you are hanging with the friends make eye contact, smile and maybe bump into him at the bar. Don’t make it a difficult thing, a guy don’t always want to work to be able to approach you. He will simply think you are off limits or done want to be bothered. Do not make the mistake of overdoing it though. If he seen your gaze and smile and still don’t seem interested you do not want to come off as a desperate flirt.

2.  Guys don’t like to go up to a girl hanging out in a group. Most of the time your friends evaluate or interrogate him and most guys just don’t want to deal with that sort of thing. If you are in a group it may lessen the chances of being approached, plus some guys are shy. It is hard enough to approach you alone let alone in a group. That can be pretty intimidating.

3.  If you look too good it is just intimidating. A lot of really gorgeous guys feel this way too, so don’t think just because he is a 10 that he has the confidence to approach you. While you feel like an 8 he may see you as a 10 and himself as a 7. Make eye contact, smile and make a way to meet nonchalantly. You always want to look your best, but sometimes your looks can go against you.

4.  Look, if you are at the bar in yoga pants or dressed like a dime store hooker then don’t expect a decent guy to want to chill pout with you. An attractive appearance has to be there or why bother? You do not have to be the best looking gal in the bar to catch his attention. Just out yourself together nice and carry yourself well. You’ll be surprised at what you catch. The most important thing is to be yourself but take pride in that at all times. You never know where you will run into Mr. Right.

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5.  If you are shy this may be coming across and snobby. Some guys may think you are sad or even mad. Pay attention to your body language and facial expressions. Even if you don’t have the confidence that some of the other girls do don’t mean you can land a hot guy by getting him to approach you. Make yourself open to being approached, and send subtle signals that it is ok.

There are lots of reasons guys don’t approach girls. These above are common as are the appearance pf being taken. If you are not with your ex take off the ring, and if you are with a guy friend don’t expect too much if that is not clear. Never look to busy or play to hard to get. Also, don’t be too easy to get either. A healthy balance us tough to find but totally worth it in the end. Finally, pay attention to where you are in the room. The corner is not a good place to post up for the night. Sitting at the bar is great. A table close to the dance floor is good too. So, loosen up and have fun. Remember, stay approachable.