10 Things Women do Right but Never Admit it


Women are amazing creatures! They do so much and, yet, take credit for only a fraction of what they accomplish each and every day! And, no, you don’t have to run for President of the United States of America to receive recognition. Though, that’s pretty impressive. But it’s the little things and the big things women do each day that makes all the difference in the world to their lives and the lives of everyone they touch along the way.

Let’s take a look at 10 amazing things that women do that ends up mattering so much to the quality of everyone’s life:

1.  Women Teach Children both Strength and Kindness

Whether you’re a mother, a sister, an aunt, a teacher, a waitress, a nurse, whatever your role in life, you demonstrate to those younger than yourself what it means to be strong and kind. The children in your life look up to you. They look to you for guidance, safety, and support.

2.  Women Support their Community

Every time a woman shops at the grocery store, puts gas in the car, picks up something special to entertain the family, pays the utility bill, buys a dress, she is supporting her community.

3.  Women Support the Local Artists and Entrepreneurs

It’s usually a woman talking everyone into visiting the art fair. They’re the one’s in the shops of the small business owners, exploring their unique goods and purchasing their products. They bring their children to learn the art of dance, gymnastics, and various other activities from those who are experts in their community.

4.  Women Pull Off Balancing Many Roles at Once

Women aren’t just the breadwinners in the home. Some choose to stay at home. Both continue to balance many roles at once. They are the nurturer to their mates, their families, their friends, and coworkers. They’re the cook, the hot date, the janitor, the life coach, and sometimes they’re even the drill sergeant.

5.  Women Have Been Breaking Through Barriers Left and Right

From fashion changes, to voting rights, to barriers within business, to role equality within the home, women have been busy indeed! And you know what? It’s a better world for it on both sides.

6.  Women Take Care of their Men

With all the roles women wear, all the balancing, and barrier breaking, the role modeling, and managing, women still take care of their men. They realize they’re not at war between the sexes. It’s progress their making. It’s evolution of human culture. So when a woman settles down for the day, she loves the one she’s with. She knows that she’s with him because he supports her.

7.  Women Promote Culture

They tend to fine tune culture. Whether it’s the intricate teaching of children about which fork to use when eating one’s salad, or insisting on having a landscaped front yard, they are setting the standards for how things will be. Entire symphonies have been written to appease the standards of beauty and grace.

8.  Women Lead the Way Towards Social Interaction

If it wasn’t for women, quite often, the social atmosphere would be severely     lacking. Social variety is important to the development of children, for a healthy marriage, as well as for a functional and inviting workplace.

9.  Women Know How to Chill

     Girl’s night out is legendary! Need anyone say more?

10.  Women Can Tell You When Enough is Enough

That’s right! When a woman draws the line, step over it at your own risk! Women are amazing creatures. Love them dearly.

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