10 Things You Didn’t Know About Self-Pleasure

For those men and women who are single, they really do not have much of a sex life. How do single people have pleasure? Why they take matters into their own hands, literally! Now, some people may feel sorry for people who have to rely on masturbation, which is also known as self-pleasure, to have any fun , but do not feel bad for these people because there is a lot about self-pleasure that people do not know about. Here are 10 things that people might not know about masturbation that you may find surprising.

Women Masturbate Quite Frequently

A popular magazine once took a survey about how many of their female readers actually indulged in self pleasure, and the result was quite surprising. Over 92 percent of the women who took the survey admitted that they masturbated. However, which such a high number of women who admitted they masturbated, it can be assumed that the other women who denied it were probably not being truthful. Believe it or not, some women in the world do consider masturbation unladylike, but the times they are a changing, and the younger generation of women do not agree!

Women Are Masturbating More Frequently

The survey conducted by the magazine not only asked women if they masturbate, but also asked how often they do it. The women who did answer claimed they did it at least two to three times a week, and a small percentage of women admitted they masturbated every single day.

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Some Women Have a Special Psychic Masturbation Talent

Masturbation is all about touching, but there is a small percentage of women that can turn themselves on, and also make themselves have an orgasm, just by thinking about sexy things! Imagine being able to have an orgasm without any touch at all? Some women have an active imagination, and it can come in handy especially when it comes to self-pleasure.

Female Animals Also Seek Pleasure

Human beings are not the only ones who seek pleasure, believe it or not, female animals do too!

There Are Historical Documents About Masturbation

Want to hear something surprising? There are records of masturbation that date back to 4 BC. The first depiction of masturbation is a clay figure of a woman that is clearly touching herself, and she has a relaxed expression on her face.

Women Chat with their Friends About Masturbation

Locker room talk is a phrase that applies to men, but the truth is that women are just as guilty when it comes to talking about sex with their pals, including masturbation.

Women Use Adult Movies As Inspiration

Think men are the only ones that love to watch adult movies? Wrong! The truth is that women will pop an adult movie in the DVD player, and start to touch themselves in very intimate ways!

Masturbation Can Soothe Menstrual Cramps

Once a month a woman has her menstrual cycle, and with it, some bad cramps that can really make life difficult. Masturbation can take those cramps away, and the hormones that come with an orgasm can also help a woman feel a lot better.

A Natural Way to Fall Asleep

Sometimes the mind is racing and it can be hard to go to sleep at night. Masturbation is not only pleasurable, but the orgasm it generates can help a woman soothe her mind and get some sleep.

Women Would Rather Masturbate Than Have Sex

Sex can be great, but not every man is the best lover in the world, and women will not only be denied pleasure, but end up very frustrated. Why go through all that with a man when masturbation is much more satisfying, and over 41 percent of women surveyed agreed they would rather masturbate than have sex.

Self-pleasure, which is also known as masturbation, is something that women do more often than people think. Self-pleasure has a lot of benefits, and some women do it every day because it can help them with cramps, relax, and get a good night’s sleep. Who knew that masturbation was such a good thing?