3 Real Ways He Can Tell You’re Faking An Orgasm

3 real ways he can tell you're faking an orgasm

There will always be some sign giving a woman away when faking an orgasm the main thing is to learn the signs but also to know your partners so well that she can’t hide it. Faking an orgasm is an art and like everything in life, practice makes perfect. It has been proven by research that more than 70% of women fake orgasms sometime in their lifetime and many just keep on faking. That is an incredible amount so how can a man then tell if a woman if faking or not?

Why do women do it? Stress and anxiety can cause a woman’s sex drive to drop and she might not always be in the mood, but this does not mean that she wants to keep you hanging so she’d rather fakes it. There are so many reasons that it would take forever to go through and we could write a book on the why’s but it will not tell you how to notice it. There are even little signs that few woman know about so let’s look a bit closer and see if you recognize any of the basic signs.

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Faking 101 – An orgasm can’t be controlled so when the real thing comes along a woman’s breathing will quicken although this can be controlled the ramblings and expressions can’t. A woman may think that she has it all down to a T but the truth is that screaming and panting is all just a show. When ecstasy fills all your muscles even your face pulls into shapes per say, which does not look sexy so it should be easy to recognize. Furthermore speech becomes somewhat garbled and will sound more like ramblings than a practiced speech.

Faking 102 – Right after sex there are quite a few ways she might react giving away her faking. When a woman goes very silent, does not look you in the eye or turn her back and goes to sleep you can be assured it was not real. She feels guilt building up and needs to refrain from letting it out so you can enjoy your bliss but she is not experiencing it with you. The natural thing to do would be to cuddle and when asked how she experienced it “Good” or “Fine” should indicate a problem to you. She ought to have a smile on her face and a look of longing like she was reminiscing.

Faking 103 –Now here comes the real breaker of all faking proven by science. When an orgasm occurs, all the muscles throughout the body will contract including the muscles of the vagina. A woman can try faking it but to do so she has to have super human power as the natural contractions will be ten to fifteen extremely quick ones that will be within twenty seconds. Her abdomen will also contract and you can sometimes even see her toes curl.

Most people that experience an orgasm will sweat and experience body heat rising as this is the natural reaction of the human body. If there are no signs of sweating, contractions, rambling, funny faces or temperature raising then a woman has most likely not had an orgasm.

There are many signs men can see if women are faking, they are just not as obvious as most people would think. The longer she has been doing it the harder it will be to pick up although with enough noticing you will eventually see them. Once you pick up on her faking handle it with care as in most cases she is likely trying to please you and make you happy.