3 Ways To Keep A Happy Home After The Baby

keep a happy home after the baby

Having a baby is very exciting as well as scary for most couples. Babies change our whole lives upside down in a couple of months. Women go through body changes in addition to emotional changes that most men just don’t understand, although this does not mean that men do not go through changes as they do. Being a farther is a very important role and a lot of men experience anxiety maybe even fear. By understanding each other’s changes, talking about it and assisting each other where possible it will aid in coping once the new addition to the family arrives.

So what changes after the baby is born? Everything changes as there will be more time spend awake than asleep, nappy changes, bottle feeds, rubbing out of winds and even more chores to get done in less time than you had before. What can men and women do to keep their home happy?

  • Let’s start at the beginning, the first few months of baby’s life at home. Men tend to scrum away from this period of a child’s life as it is filled with dirty nappies plus sleepless nights. If you do this it could cause damage to your marriage as a mother desires assistance, she also requires a break. Don’t you think the nine months of carrying the child as well as giving birth has been a hard process? For a father to now and then change a nappy or do a night shift over weekend’s shows that you care about your wife’s health and realize what she is going through. This will also help build a better bond between father and child.
  • Right, now the worst is over and the marriage needs to turn back towards normal, well as ordinary as can be with a baby in the house. Birth remains something that should not be taken lightly by men; they need to give their wife’s some space to adapt. A wife should also understand that a husband still has needs and the baby must never be used as an excuse not to be a normal couple again. Time should be made for each other and the love you share must be rekindled as soon as possible after a baby joins the family. While baby is sleeping take romantic baths together and fit your natural needs in where you can.
  • Alone time and date nights. This is important for all relationship as the bond between husband and wife needs to grow stronger with a baby and not fall apart. Also do not wait too long to bring back alone time. Once the baby is a couple of months old and there are no medical reasons not to leave him/her in capable hands it should be considered. Let the grandparents take care of baby for one night so the two of you can just be the two of you. Go grab dinner and a movie or alternatively take a long walk on the beach even if you just decide to stay in and have a candlelight dinner that is fine. But the need for a couple to every once in a while be a couple has to become part of your routine.

For a family to be happy all people concerned need to be happy and thus it is ideal for parents to have a regular as possible life. Mother’s and father’s both need to bond with the baby and share the responsibilities. There are many studies on this subject and more answers than questions but by just keeping the love alive and supporting each other a home becomes a happy place for all concerned.