3 Ways We All Get Lazy About Beauty When We Get A Boyfriend

You did your makeup, styed your hair, wore the little black dress that makes your boobs, and that botty, look perfect, and strut your stuff in your 6-inch heels for him, but after a while we all get lazy with our beauty routines once we get a boyfriend. We don’t have to try as hard, and to be completely honest, he’s gotten lazy too. Unless we’re going somewhere fancy, we usually stop doing these three things once we get a boyfriend:

  1. We Stop Shaving Our Legs… and Other Things

Shaving our legs is a pain in the butt. You have to bend over, apply shaving cream, you can never get your leg in a comfortable enough position, so once we lock stuff down with a long-term boyfriend we stop going through these tedious tasks and just start living life like a cave-woman. Sure he may get poked a bit when he rubs your legs, but that makes shaving them that much more special…right? Yes, right!

And if your someone if shaves or trims your pubic hair (or did) he’s about to be in for a prickly, and furry surprise. If you went completely bald below the belt, he’ll start noticing some new little additions to his favorite place. If you’re someone who trimmed the edges, had a landing strip, or maybe even an elaborate design shaved into your pubic hairs, it’ll start looking like a partially mowed lawn. Sure the grass is shorter over here but it’s super long over there.

  1. Our Straighteners and Curling Irons Get Dusty While Our Hair Ties Get Stretched Out

Yes, straightening and curling our hair has made an outfit go from hot to sexy, confidence go from 0 to 100, or even just tamed that furry beast on your head. But as our boyfriends get snuggly and we start to get comfortable with him, the need to constantly look perfect starts to fade away. And since you don’t need to look perfect, you don’t need to do your hair! No more burn foreheads, sweaty summer afternoons getting ready, or worrying whether or not you left your straightener on every time you leave the house. Since that doesn’t happen, but you’re not a complete monster, your new go-to hair style is a sloppy ponytail or a sloppy bun. Now – whether or not that bun is messy on purpose or not is up to you. I usually just throw it up and when someone asks tell them “It’s supposed to look like that.” Problem solved.

  1. Who Needs Winged Liner?

Yes, winged eyeliner makes you look like a fierce, sexy cat. Yes, nailing your winged eyeliner and getting it even on both lids is the best feeling in the world. Yes, you can make your winged eyeliner so sharp it can cut into a man’s soul. Okay, maybe not cut into this soul, but it’s fierce. Yes, applying every day is a huge pain. Let’s face it, applying liquid liner is nerve racking. It’s the last step before you can say you’re done with your makeup routine, and if you mess up you either have to rock the panda/racoon look and have thick eyeliner or you have to start over. That’s why we ditch this chore once we get settled with our men. Once they see us without makeup and tell us we’re beautiful there’s really no sense in getting dolled up every. Single. Day. Sure, applying it now and then is fun and makes him go “whoa!” but all that time you’re saving in the morning and on makeup wipes is well worth the sacrifice.