5 amusing things about sharing a bed with a man

The question is what is not amusing about sharing a bed with a man. Let’s face it they can be quite amusing creatures. We can’t live with them and find it pretty darn hard to live without them. No matter how infuriating they can be sharing a bed with them will lighten some tough moments. Why? Because they are worth paying attention to and guaranteed to make you laugh.

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Guys are not always cute and cuddly, but sharing a bed with them can be downright hilarious. They make funny noises, their guard is down so they are playful and sometimes you can even get a glimpse of their inner “kid” coming out to play. There is nothing like it, and those intimate moments are always priceless.

They snore, but they will never admit it even though they wake themselves up sometimes.

Ever had one of those nights when his snoring keeps you awake? Yeah, that is not the snoring we are talking about. The snoring that we are talking about is the cute little snore that comes before that deep death defying roar. This is the snore that you want so desperately to post to YouTube or record for blackmail purposes should you ever need it. It is also great to use as proof when he tries to deny the allegations.

They sometimes talk in their sleep.

Really men are just oversize kids, but manly. They are adorable in their boxers, and when they talk in their sleep there is nothing better. Well, that is unless they are telling on themselves. What is really cute is when they try to deny it bit you caught it all on video. These are priceless moments, even if you never share them on Facebook. However in the back of his mind he knows that you have the goods on him.

They cuddle you or a pillow.

When they do this it is so easy to picture them cuddling a teddy. When they are awake they are all macho, but let them go to sleep and they are spooning a feather down pillow like a baby. It doesn’t get any better than that, except maybe for then awkward pillow talk that doesn’t always come out like they planned it.

They get tangled in the covers.

Ever see a man get tangled in the cover while he is asleep? He turns into a ninja. This is especially funny if his real live cover issue has him dreaming a crazy dream. It is so cute rather than helping him you sit back and watch him try to work it out. Need I say more?

When they wake up startled it’s too cute.

We have all heard the bump in the night, and it can be a little creepy. However, it turns quite humorous when it startles him out of a dead sleep and he instantly jumps wild haired to his feet lamp in hand only to find out the neighbor’s dog is outside again.

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Another great thing is watching him sleep. He makes the cutest faces. The only thing funnier is when he wakes up and sees you watching him sleep. At that moment two things may cross his mind. Number one, did she look in my phone, and number two, he takes a quick mental inventory of all he said and did to you that day as well as if he missed an important date. Once he figures out he is in the clear you can literally see the look of relief cross his face.

He will definitely be good for a few laughs even if he won’t take out the trash. Guys can be a pain in the neck, but they can also be a heck of a lot of fun to have around. Sharing the bed with them is definitely one of those times where you can make memories, of the humorous kind if nothing else.

Guys are just too funny, so if you have a good one then keep him around. Sure, things can get difficult and coexisting under the same roof is not always easy. Still, when it comes to priceless moments like these they are worth their weight in gold. After all, it is the little moments that end up meaning the most at the end of the day.