5 Common Perfume Mistakes. I’m Making Mistake #4!

common perfume mistakesWho doesn’t love a great smelling perfume? Why is it that you find the perfect fragrance and it is either elusive or not at all what you though it would be once you get it on? One would think this would be one of the easiest things you have to do in your daily regimen, but it seems there is an art to even this. Let’s take a look at some of the most common perfume mishaps and what you can do to get it right every time.

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One, do not apply your perfume to your wrists alone.

Your body heat will be the major activator for your fragrance. If you add your perfume to your pulse points then you will get the maximum effect without feeling as if you have bathed in it. It will be stronger and last longer if you apply it to your neck, ankles, wrists, behind your ears or behind your knees. Some even give a spray to the chest area. However, you should only pick 3 of these areas to use in one setting. More than that will be overbearing. If you choose to give a quick spray to your clothing or your hair it is fine, however if you are applying it to the points mentioned above there really is no need to do so.

Number two, stop rubbing your wrists together!

This is something that women have done wrong for generations. When you rub your wrists together it weakens the scent and longevity of the fragrance. This is because heat and friction from the rubbing take away from two of the three notes that make the fragrance last.

Number three, stop leaving the bottle sitting out.

With all of the pretty bottles nowadays it can be challenging to resist the urge to leave it on the vanity, but please do. Believe it or not if your refrigerate the perfume it will last longer and smell fresh. Of course cap it tightly to avoid any foul tasting veggies, and if this is just not something you will consider, then out it out of direct sunlight in coolest are possible.

Number four, remember to moisturize!

That is right, something as simple as moisturizing can really make a big difference in your perfume. If you moisturize first it will smell better for longer. Using the same scent as your fragrance is always best, but a clean and light moisturizer that is not “perfumery” will do fine. Consider it “layering” but for your fragrance.

Finally, number five; fragrances do not smell the same on everyone, so don’t be a copycat.

Look, you cannot steal your BFF’s fragrance just because it smells amazing on her. It may work an entirely different way with your chemistry. You are unique, and your fragrance will be unique smelling on you. Always test new fragrances out on you before purchasing them. When it comes to finding and applying your perfect fragrance have fun, and dare to discover what works for you.