5 crazy signs a married man wants you

You do not need to take for granted the signs that a married man may want you. This is not “harmless flirting” and leading a married man on is just wrong. Knowing the signs can help you to know when it is time to disengage from the situation. Since married men can be far more subtle with their communications and intentions knowing what to look for can be tricky. Just watch for a few tell-tale signs.

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He creates opportunities for you to “bump into” one another often. Many of his conversations are began by inquiring about you. He behaves differently with you than with other coworkers or when the two of you are alone.

He makes an obvious attempt to make eye contact rather flirty and fleeting or outright staring.

He buys you gifts.

If you know a man is married you do not want to lead him in the wrong direction, but you do not want to excommunicate him either. However, if he seems to pop up everywhere you go, he has suddenly started hanging t your old haunt and he is suddenly interested in the same charities then the chances are he is wanting to run into you.

Oftentimes when a married man is interested in you he will start conversations with your friends, coworkers and sometimes even family members with an inquiry on how you are where you are working or how life is treating you rather than the normal salutations. When a married man is interested he obtains his information more subtly that a single man would. This is very akin to flirting, and he often uses this information to mold himself into a more attractive model hence getting your attention or approval.

A major red flag is when he behaved different with you in private than he does with other. He may create opportunities to be close to you. When around others he may become nervous or fumble a bit trying to impress you. He may on the other hand try to groom you with subtle things like straightening his tie repetitively.

If he teases you and tries to make you laugh more than the next guy in the office he may very well be into you. If is not uncommon for a married man who likes you to ask about your family, relationship status, children and try to offer you “support” in life that a romantic partner would normally fulfil. He may also offer to take care of more manly chore for you on your time off like fixing a door or fixing that gutter.

Pay attention to the way he makes eye contact. If it is a repetitive lingering glance in the boardroom or a stare across the room he is probably digging you. Paying attention to what he is staring t may help you to understand just what he is digging about you. If he leans towards you slightly tilting his head to the side and his feet point in your direction then professionals say he certainly has amorous intentions.

Has he imposed on the chance to mention how misunderstood he is by his wife or communicate to you some other matrimonial distress? Men are not sharers. If they are opening up to you about their personal life then they like you.

Married men do not just send flowers or grab a scarf because it made them think of you. This is a sure sign that they are into you. Thank them but decline to accept the gift. Accepting the gift leads them to believe you are interested as well.

Meddling with a married man is a disaster waiting to happen. Nipping this situation in the bud as early as possible is the only way to deal with the situation. No matter how attractive he may be it is never worth it because it can’t end well for all parties involved.