5 Incredible Things You Can Do The Morning After To Turn a One Night Stand Into More

Times have changed, and one night stands do not always have to end with the walk of shame. As a matter of fact if you do things right it doesn’t have to be a one night stand at all. Here are a few tips to help turn that amazing one night stand into something a little more, and there is an extra “from a guys perspective” included at the end. Have fun, because it will all boil down to the impression that you leave him with!

Here are 5 tips that will land you another date with that amazing one night stand!

  1. Don’t be too clingy
  2. Find the perfect blend of sexy and humor
  3. Show interest minus the desperation
  4. Don’t skip breakfast!
  5. Text twice (one sexy text immediately followed by a funny one) and then wait it out.

When it comes to not being too clingy, this does not mean be stuffy or cold. It means rather than laying fully on top of him use your sexy to your favor with a light brush up against him making it seem spontaneous, or simply snuggling into him rather than on top of him. Don’t linger there for a long time. Get up and move around. Don’t make him be the one to have to say it is time to get moving! Also, once you are up, dare to walk around in your undies if he doesn’t have a roommate. This will show him you are comfortable with him, and it showcases the goods from a different angle.

Humor and sexy are two things that men love, and when he can get both in one, watch out! You have to make him really laugh and not because you are acting ridiculous, but because you are really funny. However, do not try to hard. It is also suggested to call a friend and casually mention the guy in conversation. If you cannot be directly funny with him maybe it will be easier to make him laugh at your conversation on the phone?

Make sure you show an interest in him bu asking what his plans are for the rest of the weekend. It will open a door for him if he wants to ask you out, plus it creates casual conversation. However, do not come across as having to see him again, don’t ask when or if you’ll see him again and avoid being needy at all costs.

Haven’t you heard? The way to a mans heart is through his tummy? That does not mean he wants you cooking or cleaning his kitchen on day one, but instead, go somewhere fun to eat breakfast.


From a guys perspective


Guys think a bit differently than gals. When interviewed, here is what a few of them had to say.


  • Guys like a girl who will tease them, and that is not necessarily in a sexual way either. They want to see secure confidence and a great personalty. One guy said, “I always want to see a lady with substance again.” When a guy feels suddenly a little insecure he suddenly wants to seek your attention more.


  • No guy wants a girl to get up and cook after a one night stand. If they offer to cook they most likely would rather you say, “no lets go get something.” Also, do not expect him to pick up your bill the morning after, and for Pete’s sake do not ask a guy when you are going to see him again. Also, the everyday calls are a no-no.


  • Go ahead and send the two texts, but stop there. Make him want to reach out to you. Calling a guy too often will send him running to the hills. Look, when it comes to establishing something from what was never supposed to be anything then you have to make a guy think it is his idea.


  • If you do land the second or even the thirds date do not start acting like a “girlfriend”. Guys are looking to be friends with benefits for a while. If they like you then you will know it, and you will also know when to start putting plan B into action.