5 major signs you might be the side chick

You two met at a bar on a friday night. You weren’t looking for love, you just wanted to have fun. But there he was, smiling with those sparkling eyes, staring right at you, you were nervous as he walked towards you and asked you to dance. You danced with him all night and went home together. You have been on cloud 9 ever since.

And of course, at first it was all like a dream, you were texting and seeing each other everyday, the sound of his voice was music to your ears, and holding hands and kissing in hidden corners was the most romantic thing you had ever done.

But after a while, holding hands and kissing in the darkness wasn’t enough for you. You wanted to be part of his life in a real way. You wanted to know his family and spend real time with him. You told him, and of course, everything changed. It could be anything, or it could be-as sad as it might be to admit- that you are his side chick.

Now, don’t panic, every situation is unique, and there are a lot of men out there that simply are afraid of a real relationship and commitment. Again, it could be anything. But in this post, I will share with you 5 major signs to look out for if you wanna know whether you are, in fact, the side chick.

1. He’s ALWAYS busy. It’s saturday night, you wanna go out and have fun with him, but he has to go help one of his guy friends with something. Ok, cool. What about lunch on sunday? Oops. He has a conference call with one of his cousins in Alaska. mmkaaaaaay, then lets text each other during the day so it feels like we spent the day together. Girl! He would love to! But he’s just gonna be so busy. This is a major red flag. Not good!

2. You don’t know anybody important in his life(like family or BFFs). He always talks about Jake and Jordan, they’re the best friends ever!!!! But you have never met them? Weird?! That’s the first thing a guy does when he likes a chick. He seeks for his friends approval. Hmmm…

3. He “forgets” to introduce you. So, you are both in line waiting for your coffee and suddenly a guy he used to go to school with comes in and says hi to you both. Your guy then gets nervous, and his friend has to introduce himself since you weren’t introduced. He just froze! Big no-no.

4. He takes you to remote “romantic” places. “Babe, tonight I will take you to this Indian restaurant that is to die for! Not a lot of people goes there, so it will be so romantic. Just you and me”. And then he gives you that same line about every other place he ever takes you? RUN!

5. He NEVER wants to take pictures with you. The corpus delicti! Do I need to say more? Thanks!
So there you have it. Look out for yourself. No man is worth it if he lies and cheats. And no girl deserves to be the side chick. You deserve a man who is crazy about you and proud to be your man. Don’t settle for any less!