5 Mind-blowing Things We Pretend To Do For Men That We Really Do For Ourselves

1. Sexy lingerie. It takes you 10 minutes to zip, button and tie it all together only for him not to notice your whole get-up. He’ll appreciate it for about 2 seconds and then rip it right off. Let’s face it, we don’t wear tight corsets, lacy bras and sexy panties just to impress him, we do it for ourselves. We feel confident and super hot leaving our heels on in the bedroom or dressing up extra special. You say you do it for him, but you really do it for you. Own it!


2. Dressing up. He probably thinks you put on that short skirt or sundress to impress him. Not to burst his bubble, but you def didn’t. You got all dolled up to be the hottest girl at the party and outshine all those other ladies. He thinks you’re beautiful in anything so you’ve taken this opportunity to be the envy of every other female around. Jealousy looks great on them, keep doing you!


3. Baking. Nothing says wifey material like whipping up a batch of yummy cookies or cute cupcakes. But get real, those are for Pinterest, not him. It’s empowering and fun to play around in the kitchen and create something that is both beautiful and delicious. So yeah, he can eat them but that’s not why you made them. Does he really think you’d make mini cupcakes with pink buttercream frosting if you were cooking for him? A man can dream…


4. Make-up. Take it from Drake, “sweatpants, hair tied, chillin’ with no make-up on, that when you’re the prettiest.” Who can argue with that? Guys don’t care about make-up. They don’t even notice it unless you’re wearing way too much. That expensive new blush or new shade of eye shadow will not catch his attention. He doesn’t know what eyeliner is let alone what it’s for. You put on make-up to boost your own confidence, not to make you more attractive to your man.


5.Working out. He thinks you hit pilates class 3 times a week to keep your body fit and tight for him. And while that’s nice, you really sweat your ass off so you can rock that bikini over Spring Break or look hot in a new pair of skinny jeans. All those spin classes and hour on the treadmill are not for him, they’re for you. And you deserve to feel that good!