5 Myths You Probably Believe About Herpes

5 Myths About Herpes

Myths are legends or stories dating back some thousands of years but this does not make them true!

Myths are cultural stories that were carried over from one generation to the next traveling through the ages to meet us here in the future. Most of these whether Greek, Roman or Chinese are not true as they are basically urban legends. Myths were used to alter behavior and push people to one side or the other but with the growth of science most myths has long been proven as fake, just being old wives tales from a past long forgotten.

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So with that said let’s have a look at some of these myths about Herpes!


  • Herpes are only found on genitals!

This is not true as herpes (HSV-1) are commonly found in the mount and can be sexually transmitted from the mouth to the genitals, thighs or even the buttocks. This could happen without either of the partners even knowing.


  • If you have herpes you will know you have it!

As the first one this is also only a myth and does not hold any truth at all. Many people live with the virus lying dormant for many years and sometimes the symptoms that do appear are so subtle that it could be miss diagnosed.


  • Cheating partners have herpes!

Please do not assume this is true as the HSV-1 & HSV-2 can sleep for many years before showing his ugly head. Your partner and even YOU can have this virus and not know it as the symptoms aren’t always as presenting in all people as it should be.


  • There is a cure for herpes, there just has to be!

Unfortunately there is no cure, but herpes can be controlled effectively and you can ensure you do not transfer the virus to anyone else. There is medication that takes away the symptoms and helps keep the virus dormant. It can rear its head in times of severe stress or when the person carrying the virus falls ill.


  • You should hide as it is a shameful thing to have!

This virus is so common that there is really nothing to feel ashamed of. There is also a wide range of ways to contract it that there is no certain way to determine how you got infected. This however does not mean that you should go out and spread it. Get tested regularly and consult your doctor if you suspect that you might have it.


Even if diagnosed with herpes you can live a normal and fulfilling life. Although this will be with you for the rest of your life it does not mean you have to stop living. You can still have sex and woman can even still have babies but should inform their doctor of their situation before birth so that your condition can be assessed to ensure that the virus will not be transferred to your child.

Herpes is a very common occurrence and you should ask your doctor for a test every once in a while if you are sexually active. A scary fact is that more than 78 percent of herpes cases do not even get tested and could lead to more serious illnesses if not treated correctly. Herpes does not get tested automatically as it is not a routine test performed, so ask your doctor to test you even if you do not show any symptoms. Having regular yearly test done for HSV-1 and HSV-2 can save you from embarrassing situations if the symptoms do appear. Get tested before you spread it unknowingly!