5 Sure-Fire Signs You’ve Accidentally Fallen In Love With Your Best Friend

falling in love with your best friend

LOVE, what a beautiful word! The emotion that makes your heart skip a beat and weakens you at the knees, or wait that’s only in fairytales, right?

Have you really experienced true love? What happens when you fall in love with your best friend? Can love and friendship really work and which way round should they come? There are pages and pages of questions upon this subject and each person has a different outlook upon these topics! But signs of love can usually be agreed upon by the multitudes whether love comes first and then friendship or the other way around they do go hand in hand to form the perfect relationship.

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The signs, oh those torturing signs of LOVE!

Jealousy of your best friend – when he/she just talks or even looks at someone else and that blade penetrates your heart filling you with anger and a desire you kill you can be assured that it is a sign of love. This is an emotion to be wary of as it could also drive a wedge into your friendship is he/she does not feel the same way.

Sharing the good and bad – when you receive news that you cannot wait to share for either receiving console or to celebrate your overwhelming joy and your best friend is the first person to pop into your mind you can know that it is a sign of more than just friendship. Yes, we do share most experiences with our best friends but they are not always the first person that you want to share any event with unless you have developed more than just a friendship kind of love.

Permanent contacting – your best friend throughout the day and even in the evenings not only shows your interest but also your need to know where he/she is, what he/she is doing and with whom he/she is spending their free time. You constantly have a need to be close to your best friend as all of these other signs once again proves that you have gone past the point of only being best friends from your side.

Uncomfortable discussions – no longer seem uncomfortable and you find yourself revealing more and more to your best friend without being provoked into a discussion about it. You actually feel the need to share with your best friend all your visions, desires and future goals that you might have kept from him/her in the past. Here you will find that you have deeper emotions for your best friend than you had before and the feelings will only keep growing stronger as you share more.

Day dreaming – about your best friend and seeing the two of you as a couple can’t be anything but love! When you find yourself just drifting off and daydreaming about your best friend, imagining walks on the beach, long weekends together watching movies or taking week-end trips to secluded locations are once again sure signs of love.

There are numerous signs that you have fallen in love with your best friend and here we have just introduced the basics to you. Love is a delicate emotion and when it comes from one side only can never work although friendship is also a basis of the perfect relationship it should not be sacrificed if the love is not mutual. Look for signs from him/her that the feeling is coming from both sides before you even considering sharing your thought with your best friend on this subject. If there are no signs it is wise to try and cope with your emotions and move past it if the friendship is truly important to you.