5 Things Every Contact Lens Wearer Needs To Know

contact lenses problemsSome people are born with a weakness in their eyes that over time constitutes the wear of glasses or contact lenses where other people wear them due to old age or some other cause. Whatever your reason may be taking care of your contact lenses is very important so as not to cause any more harm to your eyes than they already have. Upon receiving them every one gets taught the basics of how to clean, care and wear them. This however does not always supply you with what you actually have to know thus people tend to not always follow the doctor’s orders.

There are reasons why you are told not to use tap water when rinsing them or not to wear them when swimming and sleeping. Yet people still go and do what they are told not to do! This is simply because they are not informed properly of the damage that it could cause. Herewith a few other things you ought to know if you utilize contact lenses as they are actually medical devices.

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  • Tap water! If you drop your lens and have no solution handy it is not wise to give them a quick rinse in the bathroom under the tap. Tap water is filled with microorganisms that can cause an infection in your eyes. Tap water also gets sucked into your contact lens and causes it to swell, holding the water inside. Saliva is even worse so never even allow that notion to enter your mind. The best is to always carry solution with you wherever you may go.
  • Make-up! All women want to look their best and wearing make-up has become a daily routine for most. It is extremely important to put your contact lens in before applying make-up to your face. There are several reasons for doing so but the most important is to prevent particles from falling onto your lens when you put it in as it can cause an eye infection.
  • Contact solutions! Each contact lens has a solution formulated that works best with the lens in the same way that a certain lens works best with your eyes. Using a solution that is not compatible can cause itchiness in your eyes, redness as well as your eyes being dry. They will also damage your contacts thus giving you a shorter life span on them.
  • Allergies! If you have allergies added to contact lenses it might be a good idea to refrain from wearing them when your allergies pack up. Making use of them can assist in aggravating allergies as pollen gets stuck to them thus producing an allergic reaction.
  • Eye infections! When you do not use your contact lenses correctly you can cause an infection in your eyes. These can be more harmful than you might think and lead to eye ulcers or even permanent blindness. Your doctor’s orders should be followed with no omissions.

Correct care and use will help your eyes whereas incorrect use and wear could only cause more damage. If you have any question ask your doctor they will gladly assist you with any issues that may arise. Regular eye checks are also recommended; moreover changing your contact lens holder should also be done every three to four months as they could be harboring germs. Always empty your solution every day completely and use fresh solution.

Eye care should be a second nature to people who wear contact lenses as there is already a problem so why make it worse? Talk to the professionals; use the correct lenses and solutions. Improve your care to keep your eye sight.