5 Things to Try Before Considering Bunion Surgery?

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Is bunion surgery the only option for getting rid of your bunions or are there alternative treatments for this problem? Although there is no other cure known for bunions except for the surgery you should still try a few other methods before making that final decision. It is also recommended that you understand the process of the surgery meaning find out all you can before making it final.

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Having bunions are surely extremely painful at times and they will not just go away by themselves so a treatment method has to be looked at. Most treatments are there to take away the pain and at the same time relieve the pressure caused by the deformity. For people who have had years of suffering and tried all other methods but cannot continue these any more, surgery is recommended. You doctor will inform you of all the aspects regarding the surgery process and if you are unsure on any aspect you should ask.

So what can you try before deciding on bunion surgery?

  • Wearing shoes can cause you huge amounts of pain and discomfort therefore it is highly recommended that you use the correct padding which will protect your feet from friction caused by shoes. There is a wide range of padding available for all kinds of bunions thus you must ensure you select one that is ideal for your specific bunion type as others might not give the needed relieve.
  • Buying a shoe that fits better around your bunion will also make a big difference as there will be little or even no friction. Wearing open shoes might not be something that you are comfortable with so ask your doctor for his recommendation on shoes that could help you.
  • Therapy has also shown great results as a method to increase function while taking away any signs of arthritis or stiff in joints. Use a registered therapist that knows how to deal with bunions as all therapists might not have the required knowledge.
  • Try anti-inflammatories to reduce the pain, swelling and stiffness. There is such a variety of medicines available for all ailments; you should ask your doctor for the best anti-inflammatory prescription for your specific bunion type.
  • You can also ask your doctor for splints to use in the night which will assist in aligning joints as well as toes. Be sure to ask your doctor about implants / custom orthotics as well to assist with stabilizing when standing or walking.

The use of alternatives to surgery will also depend on the size of bunion growth in addition to the amount of accompanying pain you are experiencing. Surgery should only be an option if you are having difficulty in standing or walking. Bunions are caused by bone malformations and could be corrected if found in the starting stages. If you suspect one might be forming consult your doctor, better safe than sorry, right!

When deciding on any of these as an alternative to bunion surgery you ought to still consult with your doctor as bunion surgery might be inevitable in the end depending on the size and growth of the bunion. If choosing to have the surgery done one should take care in deciding on the accredited professional institute and using a doctor that you can rely on. Have a proper look at all the methods and ask the professionals as they will be glad to assist you. It is not always necessary to go straight for the operation if your bunion is still small. Some of these other methods have shown great improvements and could be what you are looking for.