5 Ways for New Moms to Get Back to Work after Maternity Leave

We face some pretty tough challenges in life, but few are as emotionally taxing as returning back to work after maternity leave. You face unrealistic fears, guilt, regret and remorse just to name some. You fear your child will feel abandoned and may even feel inadequate as a mom. Believe it or not the first part is the absolute hardest, and working your way back into the workforce will be the single nest things you have ever done for yourself and the future confidence of your child.

You can do this!

Going back to work and leaving your child is tough, but once you get back out there you will start to feel like yourself again. That is a wonderful thing, and it also prevents you from becoming dependent on your child or them you. After all, it is not meant to become an extension of one another. You have to remain individual and set good, responsible moral and financial decisions. It is never too early to start, and that work ethic will go a long ways in the future. Plus, you are providing a fantastic life for your little sweetheart, so why would you feel guilty about that?

Getting to work after maternity leave comes down to an understanding of how truly important it is to you as an individual and to your family as a whole.

This is not the 60’s and no one lives that cookie-cutter life anymore where dad goes to work and mom stays home. Those who do choose to have one income have to live frugally. Not that it is an impossible task, but why cheat your family or the future of your child’s education to feel like you are doing something better than someone else. Give yourself a break, and get back out there. If you don’t you’ll regret it for years and getting back to work is tougher the more time that passes you by.

Don’t wait until it is too late, everyone is gone and your reams are unattainable. At the end of the day it is you, your husband and your savings, because the kids will eventually leave home for their own dreams. What example will you want to have left them with when it comes time to make those same decisions for themselves?


5 Steps that break it down:

Keep it Simple

  1. Set up education based early childcare for your child
  2. Have a backup support system for times the center is not open or if you are working over time
  3. Have a schedule that includes Dad to share the errands and chores with a clear understanding of who does what and when; be both realistic and fair.
  4. Give yourself a break, make time for phone calls home and rediscover your passions
  5. Never lose sight of the fact that family is always first and this includes your relationship.

It is proven that children who experience early education based childcare have less separation anxiety issues, more self-esteem and are more well-rounded than may professionals first believed. That takes care of the idea that many moms have that they are condemning their child to a life of loneliness and abandonment issues. As a matter of fact these are children who make friends easier and tend to be more successful students thanks to an early foundation of structure.

Make the best of it, but be realistic

You have to keep in mind that some days will be tougher than others. You need to make time for calls home, and when you are off schedule some one on one time with your child, your family as a whole and also with your husband privately. This may seem like it is spreading yourself a bit thin, but it is what a successful working mom does. You also have to take time for yourself, because a healthy you and a healthy marriage are two key ingredients for raising a healthy child.

Now, out on your game face and get back out there. Not only will you be setting amazing examples and providing the best for your child but the personal gain and growth is going to be immeasurable. Also, as time goes on not only do you get used to it, but you learn to love it all over again as your passions reawaken. Gain, the challenge starts tough, but ends up being one of the best decisions you will ever make.