5 Wonderful Reasons You Should Date a Person Who Loves Movies

Different people have different hobbies which they love. If you get a movie lover for a date just beware that they love stories and movies. Every film they have watched they are passionate about it because it leaves a mark on their memories. There are pleasant reasons why you should date a person who loves the movies.

  1. If you are dating a movie lover be sure to enjoy a comfortable night at the cinema even when the lights go out. A movie lover will give you all the information you need to know about the storyline of the movie and the characters. So you are in high hopes to see what actually happens next. You will be feeling warm and in the perfect mood to watch a movie. Movie lovers are so consumed with everyone in the movie such as the writer, actors and the director that at some points they see a career in the movies is for them. Since they are so passionate today you do not know about tomorrow they might surprise you and be a movie star or a movie director in future.
  2. They have excellent charming movie lines which they insert in a conversation. Isn’t wonderful to know that he considers you more beautiful than Cinderella, his favorite movie character. Movie lovers use charming lines as part of their statements. The best thing about this is they will never compare you with any movie character. They easily separate the fiction in the movies with the real life. They know they are not dating an actress or an actor so just because he loves a certain actress please do not try to be like them; be real to yourself that is what your date will love most. They understand how the movies bring out a powerful romantic scene and they do not expect that in real life. They always appreciate you where you deserve as they appreciate the movies or the characters in the movies.
  • A movie lover is a strong narrator and you will never get bored while you are with them. They will narrate about a movie from the start to the end you will just love it. Sometimes you will be eager to watch those great movies he tells you about and other times you will want to skip the movie so that you can hear it from them.
  1. Most movie lovers have a great memory; this is because they have to keep up with the movie release dates meaning they will remember other dates as well. They know and understand dates such as when the titanic sank, so they will not easily forget an anniversary or a birthday.
  2. Movie lovers are great debaters and they are very creative. They create scenes of how the movie should have ended and why. They even go to the extent of dramatizing the end scene; this will make you fall in love with them because they are so passionate about it. They will always know the actor that could have been best suited for that movie and why. Their discussions on movies are so informed.

What movie does your date love and what they say about them?

Everybody loves movies that entertain and there are the movies that are appealing. So the movies you or your date find appealing tell a lot about you. It is believed there is a psychological link between personalities and appealing movies. For example if your date finds romantic comedies appealing there are chances that they are romantic.

If your date finds action movies appealing they could be adventurous.

A person who finds the loyal warrior movies appealing they are dedicated to others for a common cause.

If they love some youthful sage movies, they are spontaneous and insightful philosophers.

If they love detective movies they are brave and will go at lengths to look for answers. They love engaging in games which involve uncovering secrets and solving mysteries.

If they love hunter movies, they are adventurous but most of all they are attracted to nature and love spending time outdoors. The best part is when faced with situations in life they will choose to fight instead of fleeing from them.