7 Reasons Why You’re a Mosquito Magnet

Why do those small pesky little blood sucking machines prefer you over someone else? Well, this subject has been debated and studied endlessly. It still produced only a few concrete reasons on why mosquitoes would fly past one person just to bite the one sitting next to him/her. What we do know is that they are attracted by smell as well as movement.

Reasons to why you have become supper!

CO2 emissions – Stop breathing as the CO2 you exhale attracts mosquitoes! It is quite literally impossible to not breath but studies has shown that mosquitoes are draw to Carbon Dioxide and the higher the emission the more attracted they become. This is the reason why when camping or having a BBQ mosquitoes tend to be more active than usually, the more people present the higher the CO2 levels!

What is that smell – Oh, it’s your feet. Scientists have established through studies that mosquitoes are attracted to smelly feet like a toad to flies. The more you sweat in your shoes and your feet stink the more likely you are to become supper.

Have another beer – Scientists are uncertain as to why beer attracts mosquitoes but very sure that it does, so have another one with your BBQ but be sure that your friends all have one too.

What is your Blood type – Mosquitoes knows what blood type you are via skin excretions they can distinguish A from O for instance. Studies have also proven that they do prefer type O blood.

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Is that floral odor you – Make sure to add some cologne when your friends come over for a party or even when camping next to the river as mosquitoes just love the fresh fragrances you bring along. Mosquitos use nectar to give them energy and if you smell like a flower well, they are coming your way.

Is that a heat wave – The heat you give off also lures these blood sucking missiles as they feel the heat the closer they are to you and is immediately attracted. The warmer you are the more heat you give off and the less likely you are to avoid those mosquito bites.

Are you dressing to invite them – The brighter your clothing is the less likely you are to attract attention to you as mosquitoes are more prone to go for black and especially dark blue colors, so do not wear those funeral clothes at night.

There are however many ways to keep these little monsters at bay and starting with these handy tips is only a few ways to avoid being their targets. People who are fit as well as people who tend to sweat more will also be magnets to mosquitoes.

Keep your spider in the corner alive as they enjoy mosquitos as much as those little critters enjoy snacking on you. There are a number of oils that do work in repelling mosquitos and you could also make your own lotion with a combination of tea tree oil, citronella and a touch of some essential oils. Eating garlic also tends to assist with this task although the amount you consume might make a difference as some people say it works and others disagree.

Sit closed to the fire because even though they are attracted to your body heat they do not seem to be attracted to the heat of a fire. Whatever you decide to do, just keep in mind that it is summer and they are all over the place, they are a part of nature just like you and me. Hopefully you can get a head start on them and have fewer bites than your previous experiences in the outdoors.