7 reasons you should date a short guy


You swore you would never ever date a short guy. You always dreamed of the tall prince who would save your life and carry you upstairs every single night. But one day, this not very tall dude swept you off of your feet. He is charming, kind, loyal. He is everything you ever wanted, 4 inches less.
You are really into him, as much as he is into you. But you don’t want your girlfriends making fun of him or your (shallow) family criticizing him. But, hey! They don’t matter! If he is a good match, they will end up loving him as much as yo do.

The one who needs convincing here is you! So I am gonna give you 7 reasons why you should date a short guy. After reading this short list, you will be out the door screaming for his (maybe not short) name!

1. 050fd6d5c120ba1750983f1a8a1dbef1038612-wmMore fish in the sea. There are a lot more short men than tall. And every girl wants to date a tall guy. Be open about height and give shorties a chance. You might be missing out!

2. They are more confident. In a world where tall people stands out just by being tall, they NEED to be confident to get what they want. And they want YOU!

3. You will feel like a super model. Don’t be scared to wear those 6-inch heels on a date night with your shortie! You love your guy, but you love your ridiculously high heels as well. Is not either-or!

4. Sex positions ARE achievable. Being with a short guy in bed is great. The closer he is to your height, the easier it will be to achieve some sex positions tall guys would never dare to try (or at least it will be less awkward to attempt). Plus, eye contact!!!!

5. No more kisses on your tippy-toes. People think that a short girl enjoys being on her tippy-toes for a 3-minute long kiss. And maybe on TV it looks so romantic. But not really. You hurt your big toe, you can tear your shoes and strain a neck muscle.

6. Better selfies. You won’t have to cut his head off of the picture or carry a stool everywhere! All you have to do is hold your babe or kiss him on the cheek and Voila! A cute Instagram.

7. He is a good man. Is he? Then who the heck cares how tall is he! In the end, all that matters is if you both are happy with each other.

See? Tall dudes are so overrated. And height doesn’t really matter. Short, average, tall, giant. Who cares? In this time and age people give too much importance to appearance and other shallow things. Don’t be afraid to date a short guy. Be afraid to settle for short relationships.