7 Romantic Gifts to give your man on Valentine’s Day

Romantic Gifts to give your man on Valentine’s Day

While there is no once size fits all solution you will know if your man is one that will want dinner or an adult game from Spencer’s coupled with naughty lingerie. Guys are so hard to shop for, and when it comes to romantic gift ideas it can seem impossible. Well, have no fear. This is your gift survival guide for Valentine’s Day 2015.

While the following suggestions are basically fool proof for most types of guy personalities, you will have to make the final decision for the perfect gift for him. This means really paying attention weeks before the big day. You have to use your interpersonal skills to figure him out if you haven’t been together that long. For those who have been involved for a substantial amount of time, it may be difficult to come up with something new. Either way, here are 7 romantic and fool proof ideas that will help you pull of Valentine’s in a fresh new way and without a hitch.

1. Loveopoly Board Game

This is one of a number of naughty games for grownups that can be found with a sexual or romantic theme. Loveopoly is a personalized game though, and that is what makes it so much fun! Do not get this confused with the love kits which we will get to a bit later. This is great for the couple that likes to laugh, kiss and explore.

2. Book a Couples Massage

Couples massages can be a lot of fun, and they can really spice things up. Now this is a great idea for the couple who has been together a while. It is quite an erotic experience, and it will definitely lead to memories being made later that evening. Even couples who went through with it despite saying they were out of their comfort zone say it is something that really out the pizazz back in the bedroom. It is something many continued to do periodically even on non-holidays. This is a real winner!

3. Back to that love kit and naughty lingerie

Guys are visual, so seeing you in something sassy will be over the moon for most of them. The games are a way to really spice things up and make good, fun memories that you want to stick in his head. After all, everything can’t be about sex. At least make him anticipate it, and the game is a great way to stall to build that anticipation. Plus, you have fun in the process, so why not? This is a really super idea if your Valentine’s gift is going to end with your first romantic encounter with that special someone, because it helps to set the stage. A good one to try is the intimacy and love kit called Tickle Me from Victoria’s Secret.

4. Who doesn’t love Jewelry?

Maybe you are not there yet, to that sexual place in your relationship. Think watches, necklaces or a nice gentleman’s ring. Jewelry is always a winner. If he wears suits then cufflinks are a great find. These are things not everyone thinks about. Having your selections personalized only makes them more meaningful.

5. Book an Adventure

You like movies, dining and dancing but what does he like. Book a race car or a white water rapids guide. If he likes camping or hiking then make it happen, weather permitting of course. If he is a golfer, book him lessons or purchase/renew his membership to a prestigious course/club in town.

6. The traditional candlelight dinner at home

Make his favorite food, and dress to impress. Light the candles and break out his favorite spirits or your finest wine. You can follow up with a movie on the couch eating popcorn and cuddling, or be a little more creative.

7. A Kama Sutra book and you, you, you.

This is also a fun idea to do in addition to several of the above suggestions. What better than a candlelight dinner and wine followed by naughty lingerie and a sexy board game to get things rolling? Look, the Kama Sutra for a couple who is at a place that their love life could use a boost, or the couple that loves to explore is the perfect gift when coupled by willing participants. It is not for the faint of heart, but it will blow almost any other idea here out of the water, and makes the perfect end to a romantic night with all new sex positions and strategies waiting to be experimented with.

After almost any of these ideas providing you do not fall asleep in one another’s arms and you have not had too much to drink, finding a beautiful, private and romantic place to go park is a nice, romantic idea. Watch the moonlight on the lake or the sunset from the cliffs, take a walk on the beach or lay on the hood stargazing in the country. The key is to make Valentine’s Day personal, and make it one to remember!