7 Sizzling Ideas On How To Grow And Style Your Bangs

7 tips on how to grow and style your bangsBangs are really pretty, however, they are hard to grow out and manage. You do not want to be stuck with the awkward haircut when you leave the hair salon. (That may be every girl’s worse nightmare.) There are solutions. Here are some tips on how to grow and style your bangs so the awkward haircut nightmare never happens.

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  1. Trimming

When you go for a haircut, do not let the barber/stylist chop off your bangs. You want the barber/stylist to just trim your bangs to the shape/style that you want it to be. Chopping your bangs could make them lose their shape and give you that awkward haircut nightmare.


  1. Side Bangs

Decide which side you want your bangs to be. Often side bangs are easier to manage and style. After your haircut, you can use a bobby pin to clip the shorter pieces of hair so they don’t fly all over the place. Fly aways are never attractive. There are also a lot of hairstyles that work with side bangs.


  1. Curling

If you have side bangs, you could curl your side bangs. Curling your side bangs could make the finishing touch to an elegant updo or the finishing touch to a casual day out. For a casual day out, you can tie your hair up in a ponytail and curl your side bangs. Or you can leave your hair down and curl your side bangs. Curling your bangs is a great way to style your hair.


  1. Bobby Pins

There is a reason that all girls love bobby pins. You can do so much with bobby pins! If your bangs are in your face, you can pin them down with bobby pins. You can simply just take the piece of hair and pin it out of your face. Or you can try a couple of hairstyling techniques with your bangs. Try twisting your bangs then pinning them. Or you can braid your bangs them pin them. There is just so much you could do with your bangs and bobby pins.


  1. Headbands

Another way you could style your bangs is with headbands. Headbands come in all different shapes, sizes, and colors so you can get really creative. Some people would hold all of their hair back with headbands. Other people would let some of their bangs hang out with headbands. Figure out what works and looks the best for you.


  1. Braiding

Try braiding your bang with the rest of your hair. This could be the start of a beautiful hairstyle. Or you can go with something simpler and braid the pieces of hair in your bangs together. Then, you can use a bobby pin to pin this braid to the side of your head. This is a cute and super simple hairstyle.


  1. Tucking

There is nothing wrong with the good old-fashioned tuck. Tucking your bangs behind your hair can be super cute. It is also very easy to do. Simply take the pieces of hair in your bangs and tuck them behind your hair.


Bangs can be super stylish but sometimes they are hard to manage. However, the good news is that there are so many ways to style and grow out your bangs. You will never end up with the awkward haircut. Instead, you will be complicated and admired for your beautiful and creative hairstyles.