7 Surprising Signs That You’re Letting Yourself Go

7 Surprising Signs That You're Letting Yourself Go

Why do we eventually let go?

We are a society of hard working motivated people who all strive to be the best at all we do. Although we can handle a great deal of stress and situations that can push our blood levels through the roof we all finally tend to let go. Being strong all the time and just swallowing what life throws at you can eventually lead to not caring anymore. How can we know that it is happening, are there signs? Yes there are many signs we might not even notice as they are so subtle that when we realize it we have already gone past the point of holding on.

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Letting go can either be positive or negative which will entirely depend on the situation and involvement of other people. If you have been through circumstances that forced you to let go of either you or someone else in the past you will know that it is not easy and can influence your decisions in the future. Past strife’s can guide you and you help make more objective decisions in similar situations. Let’s consider some of the signs of letting go.

  • Have you become too comfortable? Are you noticing that little things that used to bother you do not really pose as an irritation anymore? This means you have somewhere along the line given up on trying to change it and you have changed to accept it thus you are letting go of yourself.
  • Are you doing what you know you can? As we grow we are given set goals to achieve which helps us improve and always keeps us wanting to be more or go further. Do you still have this feeling or has it been lost during your travels? Have you just become all you are going to become? If you feel this is true then you are letting go of yourself.
  • Does happiness annoy you? Do other people who laugh and act funny annoy you when you meet them? You do not have those feelings anymore and thus are slipping away from yourself. You have to stop and take back your life, kick out the backseat driver.
  • What do you see when given a task? When you receive work to do what are the most obvious to you? Do you see the goal and go for it or do you concentrate on the steps it will require to get to the goal? Once you start seeing steps instead of goals you know you are slipping, so take a step back and revise what you want from life.
  • Do you just stare and go blank? It’s like you are staring out of a window but there is nothing in front of you. Your mind does not wander it just goes empty at times with no reason or explanation. You are tired of where you are and what you are doing thus it is time for a change as you will just slip away by staying.
  • We are all saddles with problems, are you not? You might feel like your problems have just become too much or you might not even notices the feeling yet, but it is creeping up on you. You should take control as we all have multitude of problems, talk to someone share your concerns as it might end up taking you away.
  • Are you surprised by sudden changes? Do you know what is happening around you, do you hear people but not really HEAR them thus you are surprised when things change. This does not mean you were not informed but you were slipping and was not aware of happenings around you.

Whatever the cause it is important to change the habits you have accumulated that aide in your letting go. Not only will you look better, but you will feel better and be far more productive too.