7 Types of Bras All Women Should Have

7 Types of Bras All Women Should Have

1. Everyday bra. This solid go-to bra is a must-have in any woman’s wardrobe. This bra is probably white or nude with nothing special about it. No lace, no bows, just bra. But don’t underestimate this bra. Since you’ll be wearing it so often, this should be the bra you splurge on.


2. Sports bra. Every woman should own at least one good sports bra. It should fit properly across your bust and comfortably around your middle. It should be tight enough that your girls aren’t flopping all over the place when you go jogging but loose enough so that it’s comfortable.


3. Sexy bra. Put this on for date night or when you’re trying to feel your hottest. This bra should be completely over the top. Consider red with lots of lace and ribbons and sparkle and maybe some push up. This bra may be seldom worn because it is so impractical but it is a definite need for every woman whether you want anyone to see it or not.


4. Push up bra. Unless you’re particularly well-endowed, many women feel like they need a push-up on days when you need a little extra support. Invest in a push-up bra that makes your boobs look natural. If you’re an A-cup like me, do not buy a push-up bra that makes you look like you have D-cup breasts. No one will believe you. A little push-up can be a confidence boost; too much push-up can be a fashion faux-pas.


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5. Front clasp bra. There are few things more uncomfortable than when a guy can’t unclasp your bra. If you know the guy you’re with just isn’t coordinated in that department, consider a front clasp bra. They’re a fun novelty that will keep him from getting frustrated back there. They’re also great if you have trouble fastening your own bra, as many women do.


6. Strapless bra. Just as every woman keeps a good strapless dress, every woman needs a good strapless bar. Find one that won’t slip down but isn’t too tight either. With all the crazy necklines and dress cuts that are in style these days, it can be hard to find a bra that remains hidden with you want it hidden. The strapless bra is the sexy solution to this problem.


7. Bralette. This new trend is like a lacy camisole mixed with a bra. It’s a little longer than a bra and may not have as much support as a bra but you need one in your wardrobe ASAP. It can be worn in so many ways with so many different things; you’ll wonder how you ever existed without it!