9 Inconveniences Of Being A Woman Men Will Never Understand

There are more women than men in the world, and sometimes men are under the impression that women have easier lives than they do. However, this assumption is very wrong, and the fact is that it can be very inconvenient to be a woman sometimes. Just how inconvenient is it to be a woman? Here are 9 inconveniences of being a woman that men will never understand.

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The Menstrual Cycle

No man can ever understand how inconvenient it is for women who have to deal with their periods once a month. A few days before, women start to get the signs its coming, and it can really make her feel bad. Men will never understand how it is to bleed heavily for up to five days, and maybe if they did women would get more understanding once a month.

The Use of Feminine Products

When women have their menstrual cycle, they need to carry special products around in their pockets or purse. Sometimes women can grab their purses in the wrong way, and its contents may spill out, which may include tampons or pads ending up on the floor for the whole world to see!

Having Breasts

Men have nice flat chests, so they can go anywhere, and grab the first shirt they find to wear. However, women have breasts, and have to try things on to make sure they fit just right. A woman may be thin, but if she has big breasts she is going to have a hard time finding shirts that fit even if they are made for her height and weight.

Dealing with Bras

Another very inconvenient part of being a woman is having to deal with bras. Without bras, the breasts will not be supported, and sometimes bras can cut into the skin and become painful to wear.

Pre-Menstrual Syndrome

Women can gain up to 10 pounds of water weight before she gets her period, and some other symptoms include tender breasts, back aches, headaches, and some women get stomach problems that can include nausea and diarrhea.

Being Called Names For Having An Opinion

Women who have opinions on things are sometimes called bitches, yet men can say anything they want and no one calls them names.

Earning Less Money

It is a proven fact that women earn less money than men, and that can be very inconvenient because women have bills to pay just like men do yet have to deal with a lower salary.

Being Judged For Looks Rather Than Intelligence

The first thing women are judged for is their face and body rather than how smart or talented they are.

Having Responsibilities that Men Do Not

Men get up and go to work every day, and what happens to the kids? The women are automatically expected to take care of their kids, and even if they are married, their husband just gets to take off. Sometimes married women end up being single parents, and when their husbands do come around, they do not understand why their wives are so tired and worn out.

Being a woman is wonderful, but it can be very inconvenient at times, and there are just some aspects of being a woman that men will never understand. There are 9 inconveniences of being a woman that include wearing bras, having breasts, dealing with a monthly period, plus other things that society can put on women. A woman that has opinions may automatically be labeled as a bitch or a feminist, and that can be hard to deal with. Women lead more complicated lives than men can realize, and it would be nice if men could be more understanding, and cut women a break now and then.