9 Things You Should Never Do At His Place

When it comes to relationships, there are just some things that women are better off doing in their own place. A new relationship can mean getting to know one another, and after a certain amount of time has past, a woman may be tempted to treat his place like her own, but that may not be the best thing she can do. However, the golden rule is that there are 9 things you should never do at his place, and here is more information on what those are and why they are better for your own apartment.

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Get Up Early

Your routine may be to get up at like 5 or 6 am because you like to exercise or make your own breakfast, but if you are at his place, then this is not advisable. After all, you are sharing a bed with your man, and if you get up early, you’re going to wake him up too. No one wants to get up early unless they really have to, and your habit of early rising may not set well with your man.


Your man has his place the way he likes it, and if you start cleaning it, you may not only offend him, but you two may get into a fight. You just make sure you don’t make a mess in his place, and the overall tidiness of it is not your concern.


You have a routine that you do every day, but if exercise is something you do, then wait until you get back home to do it. Do you really want your man to see you all sweaty and flushed? If you do want to exercise, go for a walk, or hit the gym, just don’t exercise in front of him.

Talk to the BFF

Long drawn out calls with the BFF may not be something he wants to see and hear. Tell the BFF you won’t be available to chat until you get home, and that will make your man happy.

Cook a Fancy Meal

Cooking dinner for the both of you is just fine, but don’t go overboard! Yes it’s nice that you want to do something fancy, but if you end up moving in a bunch of appliances, he may think you’re trying to take over his kitchen, which may not set well with him.

Sleep All Day

If you’re really tired, and really want to spend the day in bed sleeping, then you need to go home. Men don’t want to have to be quiet all day just because you decided to stay in bed. Just go home and crash for the day, and that way he can do what he wants without waking you up.

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Shave Your Legs

Hair removal should be left to your own private place. Shaving your legs can make a mess, and the last thing you want to do is make a mess in his place.

Talk to Your Mom

Your mom may call, but do not talk to her while at your boyfriend’s place. Call her back when you get home, its just better you don’t talk to her at his place.

Don’t Leave the Bathroom Door Open

You may leave your bathroom door open at home, but you’re not a home, and closing it is really for the best.

It’s fun to sleep over at your boyfriend’s place now and then, but there are just certain things you shouldn’t do while there like shave your legs, sleep all day, or plan for fancy meals. You and your boyfriend are still getting to know each other, and you two have separate places for now, and some things should just be done while you’re at home.