A Breakdown Of The Summer 2017 Hair Trends You Need To Know

There’s something about the change of season that makes us want to change our hair. Before you make any changes, here’s a breakdown of the summer 2017 hair trends.


Spoiler: As far as hair color goes, the 80s are back! Colors that mimic a sun-kissed tone are proving quite popular.

Babylights: they have completely replaced the once popular Ombré. These natural-looking highlights use optical illusions to add dimension to hair and give it a child-like, sun-kissed look. The highlights are defined and focused around the hairline and lighter at the ends.

Neon colors: are also a big hit. The most popular ones fall somewhere between neon red and bright orange, because they are bright colors with an expensive feel.

The neon peach or blorange: is vibrant, raw and the perfect complement for a warmer complexion and dark eyes. For cooler skin tones, there’s the sci-fi or Icelandic blonde. This Nu Platinum color looks almost artificial and is perfect for the festival season.

If you’re more into bright red tones than orange tones, you’ll love firecracker. It’s bold and works well with almost all haircuts, whether short, mid-length or long.

In addition to the baby lights and the neon colors, people are wild about green hair. This unlikely color seems to be very popular with people who want their hair to be a fashion statement. Some are going a step further and combining green and purple, which is a lot cuter that you would imagine.

For Short Hair

The short bob and the longer bob have made a huge comeback. They’re versatile and suitable for all face shapes so there are many different styles.

One popular one is the dark and light brown, choppy bob which is not only youthful and fresh but also very easy to maintain. The style is supposed to give the impression that it is “undone” through uneven cutting of the different layers and maximum tousling. Depending on whether it’s worn with or without a fringe, and straight or tousled, it can add an expression to narrow face and emphasize contours for round faces.

The Blonde boy-cut, which is simply a pixie cut that’s cut very short and brushed forward to mimic the male hairstyles is also proving popular. The added height plus the texture at the top is flattering to round, wide faces. It’s especially stunning when the roots are a pink-beige color and the tips are a silver blonde.

There’s also the three-toned, loose wavy bob. If done right, it looks like your hair is naturally in three different shades. The waves and curves add texture, depth and dimension to the hair and are a great way to make thin hair look a little bit thicker. If you’re going for the super contemporary look, go for the flattering chin length with sharp tips.

For Longer Hair

You don’t need to cut your hair to be on trend this season because 80s-inspired curls are here to stay. Unlike in 2016 when waves were tousled to create a “lived-in” look, the trend this year favors tight but messy curls. These curls are best suited for a one-length haircut because too many layers make it much harder to achieve this look.

Wet look

The wet look effect is making a come back and it is meant for the stylish and sophisticated. This hairstyle has been trending for some seasons and it stays back on. This time the hair, which is styled with gel, is not left loose, but swept back and put together in a low ponytail. This is an easy version of the wet look style.

Who is this look for? The wet look is an up do meant for ladies with thick locks and also works for straight locks. This slicked back wet look is used on relaxed style for wavy hair. With a fringe you can also work to style the hair until it blends in with the look.

All need for this hairstyle is

  •  Fine tooth comb.
  •  Flat hairpins.
  •  A brush
  •  Gel
  • Brush the hair to move locks to the back.
  • Using a comb smoothen our the hair, then spread a squirt of gel evenly from down upwards that is from the roots to the hair tips.
  • Put the hair into a low pony and smooth our the hair with a fine tooth comb. Let the hair run smoothly through the gel and avoid lumps.