Are moms only “entitled” to one baby shower?


Whoever you are, wherever you are, I’m sure you have attended to a baby shower. It is that special occasion where you shower the mom-to-be with lots of love and gifts. You play games, enjoy fun snacks and have a good time. After all, you are all very happy celebrating a new life about to arrive.

But what happens after the first child? Does a mom need another baby shower? Is it appropriate? Well, this is the tradition: a friend or co-worker throws a baby shower for the first time mom. She gets gifts for her baby and they all celebrate her becoming a mother. And the rule is that she can only have one baby shower. That’s the tradition.

But the truth is, nobody cares about this tradition now. People love baby showers. I mean, think about it. That woman that has 1 (or 5) child already is bringing another little human into the world. She is most likely experiencing the same physical and mental challenges that come with pregnancy. So she deserves to be celebrated as much as the first time.

Now, what about the baby? Does he not deserve gifts and joy just because he wasn’t the firstborn? Does his parents not need anything from anybody anymore, just because they are already parents? Wouldn’t a little get together or baby shower help the mommy to feel loved and appreciated? If you are a mom, you know how much of hard work it takes to fulfill that role.

There are a few things to consider though, before thinking about throwing a baby shower for a second (or third) time mom. For example, as much as you want to celebrate her again, she might not feel comfortable about it. So the best thing you can do is ask her how she feels about it. If she says yes, then you are good to go.

But what if she says no? Well, there are other alternatives. You can host a “meet-and-greet” after the baby is born. This is when you invite friends over to meet the new baby. And even though, the parents should not expect any gifts from friends at this point, people love to welcome babies with a gift. So it should be just as fun!

So to wrap this up: it is absolutely ok to have a second or third baby shower. Every baby deserves a celebration. There are also alternatives to baby shower parties for moms who don’t feel comfortable having a second baby shower. Traditions suck for the most part, so if you are pregnant for the second time, let your friends spoil you and your baby if that’s what you want. What you want to probably avoid is to host your own baby shower. But don’t worry about it! I’m sure you have tons of friends or neighbors that love you and would love to throw one for you.

So now you know! Either if you are going to be a mommy for the second time around, or you have a friend who is expecting for the second time, is TOTALLY ok to have more than one baby shower.