Are You Dressing Too Sexy For Work?

too-sexy-for-workThe type of work you do and the people you come into contact with on a daily basis as well as the place you work all will have a severe impact on the attire required for work. Although this still does not allow you to bare your underwear or too much cleavage unless you are in a specific trade where it is a compliance to do so.

Most people especially woman do not even realize that their dress code is incorrect. Women usually wear what is most comfortable but it portrays an image that might not even be who you really are. Women who cover up more than is needed are portraying the image of one who will be labeled as being exceedingly traditional and that might not even be the case. Whereas women who reveal too much cleavage and wear pantsuits that shows their panty lines or dresses that are way too short might be labeled as being easy and yet again this might not be who they are.

As you can see society has set many labels upon looks and clothing styles therefore if a woman does not dress according to profession standards she could be labeled incorrectly. The same goes for wearing flip-flops to work and stringy-strappy tops unless you serve meals on the beach. Therefore this will also conform to someone working at a surf stand as he/she will not do well by wearing a suit to work. Find out before you start work at a new place what the suitable dress code is as most companies do have standard dress codes for employees.

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A good observation of the other employees might also be an indication to use for proper attire. You do not want to attract too much unwanted attention by standing out completely and looking more as a seducer than an employee. You should always try to wear clothing that compliments your stature and not disrupt it. Select clothing that is fitting for each day’s tasks which can still give you a look of confidence and chic but does not make you look provocative.

When deciding on a top/blouse one should keep in mind that it ought to cover your cleavage as well as your back and shoulders. Here you will find a wide range of blouses that are fitting although you should also try to stay away from clothing that fits you like your skin. Skirts that are shorter than knee-length does not pass as proper work wear. You should keep to longer skirts that can still provide your own style, try wearing pencil-skirts or one that has flower prints otherwise just plain classic skirts will also suffice.

When wearing dresses and suits it remains virtuous to wear nicely tailored attire that does not sit too tight but also does not look like bags. With dresses you should furthermore not go for something that drives above the knee and could be seen as too revealing. If you decide to wear a sun-dress or something with spaghetti-straps it stays wise to cover this by a cardigan or similar apparel.

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Shoes that do not have excessively high heels or open toes is a perfect choice. Shoes should not contain any glitter or funny objects that are attached to them as this could moreover make one look less adequate and more like a child. Consideration should also be taken into account when wearing ribbons and other accessories in your hair. Make-up should be worn lightly and you must constantly try to look more professional than fashionable. Have a closer look at your wardrobe then make precise assumptions of who you are and who you want to be.