Are you stuck in your comfort zone?


You wake up at 7:00am. You hit the gym and get ready for work. You stop by your favorite coffee shop and get your “usual”. You go to work. You come back home, walk your dog, make dinner, take your shower, call your mom, and after a long day you go to sleep. What a perfect day! Just like yesterday. And the day before. And the one before that.

Is that how your days look like? Are they always the same? Is your routine predictable? Do you rarely feel stressed? Do you rarely feel motivated? If that’s the case, you might be in your comfort-zone.

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You probably have gone through something like this several times by now: You meet someone that is successful. Maybe a co-worker, or a new neighbor, who seems to have it all figured out and they are working hard to achieve their dreams. Maybe they are working on a business and everyday you look forward to hear them talk about what they are doing, and even enjoy how motivated they are. But, then, when the night comes and you think of your own dreams, you get nervous, anxious and doubtful. You think there is absolutely no way you could ever start your own business, buy your own house, be your own boss and live a better life.

“But it sounds so good! What could I do? No! It is too risky. It takes a lot of effort and time. I’m good where I am”. Does that sound like you? What about something smaller? Like ordering your favorite ice cream. Do you ALWAYS get the same flavor? Do you ALWAYS get vanilla just because you already know there is no way to go wrong when you get vanilla? It might not seem like much, but not learning to take risk in the small decisions, affects the way you make bigger ones.

Now, there is nothing wrong with being average. Living an average life. Making the average salary. But not all of us are made to be average. Some of us have big dreams, and I’m sure you are one of us. But fear can be keeping you from your dream job, dream person, dream house, dream life.

You can be making several mistakes. For example, you use your imagination in a negative way. Like thinking in all the hundreds of ways your plans can go wrong instead of focusing on the gazillion things that can go right. You can under-estimate yourself and think you are not capable of achieving great things. You can be comparing yourself to others. Or simply you are just too comfortable where you are at, that you don’t even want to make the effort. That is definitely hindering your growth!

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Don’t do that! Think of the life you wanna live, the things you wanna do, the places you wanna go to, the person you want, and focus on that! Now that you know you are in your comfort zone, Get out of it now! You can do it!