Ariana Grande’s best street style moments

Ariana Grande is an adorable little thing, and you might think there isn’t a style of hers you could borrow from yourself. However, in her streetwear Ariana rocks the styles that anyone can look great in. In a world of form-fitting and skintight, Ariana rocks some of the cutest and most comfortable outfits without losing touch with what’s in style.

Did you know that Adriana only stands five feet tall? That’s right! The girl barely weighs more than 100 pounds. Because of her tiny size, Adriana goes out of her way to wear outfits that don’t dwarf her or exaggerate her petite frame.

Check out some of Ariana’s most adorable street styles of late:

This outfit is the absolute hallmark of Ariana’s cute streetwear look. With her bright white shirt cut short in the front, cupping around the small of her back with length in the back, you know comfort comes first. Ariana rocks the popular style and looks beautiful doing it. She carries her big, studded hand purse, which matches her black leather shoes.

With her pants featuring buckles across the sides of her ankles, Ariana plays subtly with textures and patters in this outfit. Her bucked ankles, suede pants and dangerously blinged purse all play one off the other in subtle contrast.

What to try: Don’t be afraid to mix textures! With her perfect-white shirt, Ariana mixes brown and black—and buckles and studs—to her heart’s desire. Somehow, the affect draws you right back to her pretty face.