Best Facial Mask for Clogged Pores

Wouldn’t it be nice to have that smooth, clean feeling to your skin again?

Your face goes through a lot! Between weather, dirt and debris, to the very makeup you put on your skin to enhance the beauty of it and to protect your skin from the damaging ultra violet rays, your pores take a beating. They need to breathe.

You’ve got to give your pores a break now and then if you want to maintain that youthful glow.

You can get back that smooth texture and porcelain look by using a facial mask meant for opening clogged pores. Clay masks are traditionally the best! Yes, they’ve come out with everything from microbead scrubs, and peel masks, to electronic tools and abrasives that, frankly, can cause more damage than what you’re trying to fix.

It all boils down to the fact that clay masks are still the best!

There are many different brands and price ranges to choose from. There’s even an inexpensive way to make your own that works just as wonderfully as the store bought kind. Let’s explore some options so that you can get a feel for what’s out there.

Many of these items can be found in the cosmetic isle of your local grocery store, or the corner drugstore down the street. Some clay masks can only be found in high end department stores that have a cosmetic department. These departments have assistants that can help you choose the right clay mask for your particular needs.


Origins makes several different types of clay masks for the different issues a woman might face. They’re available in stores and online. Here’s a sample of what you can find through Origins:

*Original Skin   

This is a retexturing mask made with rose clay

*Dr. Andrew Weil for Origins

This is a Mega-Mushroom Skin Relief Face Mask meant for redness and sensitivity and comes with several 5 star reviews. This face mask is great for all skin types.

*Clear Improvement

This is an Active Charcoal Mask for clearing pores. It is a top seller and great for all skin types.


These are all great products that are easy to find and also available online. But times are tough right now. Money’s tight. You still want to look beautiful but need to save your pennies, right? So what’s a girl to do? How do you get beautiful skin when you can barely afford to keep the lights on?

Here is the answer to your beauty dilemma:

Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

This clay is for deep pore cleansing and is touted as being ‘the world’s most powerful facial’! It comes in powder form and is made of 100% natural calcium bentonite clay. It’s sold in 1 pound jars. It’s economical and easy to use.


*Secret Aztec Mask Recipe and Instructions for Use

First and foremost, you’ll need to begin with a squeaky clean face that has been patted dry with a clean towel.

Next you’ll need a bowl ~ (nothing metal) ~ and a wooden or plastic spoon, or spatula.


1 Tablespoon of Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay

1 Tablespoon of Thayers Alcohol-free Rose Petal Witch Hazel with Aloe Vera

1 Drop of OZ Naturals – The Best Vitamin C for Your Face

Mix these ingredients together in your bowl with spoon or spatula. Adjust thickness to your liking.

For even grater economic savings, you can substitute both the Witch Hazel and the Vitamin C Drops for 1 Tablespoon of Organic Raw Apple Cider Vinegar, although the smell will be a little less rosy. And there will be no soothing Aloe Vera for those sensitive skin types if the substitution is made. None the less, it is cheaper and incredibly effective.

Apply your mask, avoiding direct contact with your eyes, lids, and lips.

Leave on for 15-30 minutes. Adjust your time to your comfort level.

Once your mask has dried, rinse it off with a washcloth and warm water. You will feel the tingling effects. Repeat this as often as once a week, or every few months as needed. Your skin will turn out beautiful!


You get to choose which mask is right for you. Enjoy your new beauty!