Best Hair Color for Green Eyes

Green eyes are rare but unique and beautiful. When choosing the right hair colors there are several factors to consider and the eye color is one of these factors. Green eye color has many compliments and it is easy to find a hair color which will complement them. When choosing the hair color put into consideration your skin complexion and the undertones. Usually green will match with cool or warm hair color tones. A specific hair color will accentuate your undertone. Choose carefully the colors you will wear because if your hail is cool tones do not wear striking color clothes. The hair color, jewelry and clothes should complement each other. Everybody has a different skin tome and wearing the wrong hair color leads to a faded look. This does not mean that you have to stick one hair color, no. the golden rule states that you o for the hair color within three shades of the initial hair color. the natural hair color follows the rule of complimenting your green eyes and lets them stand out naturally.

How to determine the best hair color for green eyes.

Identify the dominant color in the iris then on your wrist check the color of your veins to determine the skin’s undertone. Some green eyes have tones of hazel, gray or blue which you consider when picking out the hair color. If the veins are green it means that your skin tone is warm and the undertone is gold or yellow. If the veins appear blue the skin tone is cool. You determine by considering the artists color wheel and if your eyes are green the shade that is opposite it will make the eyes stand out and the color opposite green is purple.

  1. Green eyes with warm skin tones

Red hair color- green and red are contrasting on the color wheel but then various shades of red can be considered. The fire engine red brings out the green eyes clearly. Also shades of vibrant red, caramel and golden red will go well with warm skin tones but auburn red should be avoided.

Blonde hair

The blonde hair color makes green eyes sparkle and look attractive. If you have warm skin tones sunny blonde is the color to go for and also dark blonde and medium blonde is advisable. Avoid the light blonde and brassy blonde hair shades.

Brown hair color

The chestnut brown hue is all you need to complement the green eyes. To make the green eyes more flattery go for light brown or dark brown or caramel brown, the green eyes really pop.

  1. Green eyes with cool skin tones

Hues of light ash blond and platinum blond are ideal for cool skin tones with green eyes. Strawberry blond is a fantastic color to consider and red shade with hints of purple to match up the cool skin tone. Avoid auburn and copper hair colors.

Matching different skin tones with green eyes and the best hair color

Olive skin with warm skin undertones is best with the bronze and caramel hair color shades. For you to attain a fantastic appearance the hair color shade should be darker than the skin. So if your skin is olive avoid light shades of blonde they look washed out. Hair color hues such as burgundy and plum are goo highlights. Colors such as black, brown or dark brown are alright to go for and if the skin is tanned look for deep chocolate brown hues.

Fair skin with green eyes has more advantages because of the skin complexion. This skin type works with lighter shades of hair color. However, avoid copper, gold and auburn. Go for blonde, red, black and brown in any shade because they all flatter the green eyes.

Darker hair colors take all the attention especially for cool skin toned people. A warm golden brunette draws attention to you because it is flattering when combined with green eyes.

Black hair color is natural for green eyes, and it clearly defined the cool skin tone. Black attracts attention and it makes the green eyes pop; but if your skin tone is warm for very dark colors which are near black. Also you can go for black but ensure you mix with hues of brown or red hair color.