Butt Injections Can Kill: 5 Crucial Things You Need To Know Before Getting a Butt Injection

We live in an age where body alterations are a trend. On if the newest and most popular today is butt injections, but there are a few things you will need to know before betting these possibly lethal or disfiguring injections in the name of beauty. If you are adamant about getting a rounder derrière then there are safer alternatives available.

The main thing that you have to look for is the person out to turn a quick dollar.

Cheaper is not always better. No matter what alteration you have done you want to make sure that it is a fully staffed clinic trained in the procedure that you are seeking and who has lifesaving equipment on hand should something go wrong. With all of that being said, butt injections are never recommended for anyone and by any clinic. They are often disfiguring, sometimes deadly.

Look, many say that the price pf beauty is pain, but that does not have to be so. If you want to have something done, then be willing to pay for it to be done the right way and by the right doctor. The seriousness of the situation is real, and the outcome of these cheap, black market procedures is often grim. As a matter of fact it is not a fluke when thing go wrong with these shady practices, it is a fluke when they don’t. For all you know they could be injecting you with something they bought at the local hardware store.

People are dying from these popular procedures, so do not fall victim to a cheap, quick fix. Anyways, fad diets should have taught us how those “miracle treatments” usually turn out. Unfortunately, with a procedure, once it is done, it is done. Undoing it (if you can) will most likely change your life and tour appearance drastically.

Here are 5 main things you need to know before moving forward with this shady and unsafe option for butt enhancement.

1.     A licensed physician cannot perform butt injections legally.

2.     They are not FDA approved

3.     Butt injections are potentially life threatening

4.     Butt injections can be extremely disfiguring


Using hydrogel to inject the butt is not only impractical but it seems to borderline negligence. The procedure itself is not illegal, but no licensed doctor can legally administer the injections because it is not FDA approved. It is also not legal for non-licensed people to preform medical procedures. So, the injection is legal but the act of injecting it is not. If you have found a clinic offering it then you may want to check their history, qualifications, cleanliness, sterilization, medical licenses and everything else, because something is amiss. The last thing you want is a black market procedure to leave you with lifelong disfiguration, health issues, chronic pain or even facing death.

Silicone and Hydrogel are both potentially deadly. They pose similar risks, and if they get into your bloodstream they become lethal once they reach your lungs or heart. Sure, these can be removed, but removal equals disfiguration. Both lead to severe infections in many cases, and neither is worth the risk.

If you feel that you have to have a bigger tushy, and you are willing to pay for it them go about it the right way. A licensed physician ca use liposuction and fat grafts to enhance your derrière safely. It will cost more and take a bit more time, but it will look great and pose far less health issues or chances of disfiguration. It is the only FDA approved option for butt augmentation.