Can Fibroid Surgery Be Avoided?

Any surgery is scary. Fibroid surgeries are no different, and if you can avoid it then why not try? However, you should only start a treatment regimen under the care of your physician. This includes natural and at home treatments. If your doctor says that surgery is the only option then you can go for a second opinion, but at the end of the day you should always follow the advice offered by a physician.

With hysterectomy being such a go to procedure now having a second opinion is always a good idea before undergoing surgery. Ask your doctor if you can try some natural remedies at home before taking that step or whether or not additional treatment options have been exhausted. After all, this is a major procedure that has life changing consequences and should not be taken lightly. Neither should the seriousness of a large fibroid tumor.

Fibroid tumors are noncancerous, but they are still serious if they become large. They normally grow in the muscle area, in the cavity or on the outside of the uterus. More women than you think suffer from these nonlethal tumors. Their cause is still unknown to doctors, but hormones contribute to their growth. Without hormones they dye thus the need for surgery in some cases.

Additional things that may contribute to these tumors are hypertension, IUD infection, ovulatory cycles and xenoestrogens exposure just to name some. While some women never have symptoms, in others symptoms of fibroids include but are not limited to feelings of fullness, heavy periods, long periods, harsh cramping, pain in the lower back and feeling as if you have to urinate more than normal. Intercourse may also become painful. These tumors can interfere with the ability to become pregnant, and they can cause problems during pregnancy.

Medical treatments can range from pain management and medications to iron supplements and even surgery. If a myomectomy does not help a hysterectomy may be needed in more severe cases. Many professional are adamant that natural remedies have shown little to no results in a cure. However, there are some small percentages that have seen improvement with the following natural methods.

First, the reduction of exposure to xenoestrogens is essential. This will re-balance the estrogen metabolism in the body. A fertility cleanse is great because it uses the liver to cleanse the body naturally. You will want to eat organic as much as possible. Stay away from pesticides, synthetic fertilizers and herbicides. Make sure all feminine care products are natural, and keep away from dyes and preservatives in your foods. Even using a non-chlorinated and oxygen based bleach can help. Plastics should also be avoided as should BHA preservatives. Eat a lot of fiber, and a lot of leafy greens. Broccoli, quinoa, Swiss chard, beans and chis seeds are all great too. You may also want to ad ground flax seed to your diet. Remember, whole grains are your friend and anything like sugar or otherwise anti-nutrient isn’t.

If you eat right, exercise and follow the advice of your doctor then you should be fine, In some cases surgery will be unavoidable. The good thing is these are non-cancerous tumors, so if you can’t take the fibroids then you have time to see if the above recommendations will work before having to endure more intense options. Your health and wellbeing is your number one priority, and it should be clear that your physician is on the same track. Still, if after a reasonable time frame there have been no results then moving forward with your doctors suggestions is the best solution.