Can you get high from marijuana lip balm?


Hell yeah! Marijuana is a booming business. There are all types of products out on the market. This awesome new lip balm just happens to be one of the newest. Now there are a few reports out there that is could be dangerous, but that’s all hype.

You know when something new comes out there is always that one guy who wants to eat the entire container at once, yeah, lets not do that. The THC concentrations are high because it is to be used as a lip balm. This mean a little will go a long way and a lot, well, good luck.

Not only does this get you high, it gets you high faster.

Now, on the streets it is called wax. While this new product which in its legal form is awesome for card carriers, it is something that parents need to be aware of. The street version can be quite deadly. It looks the same as any other lip balm.

Some kids have even learned how to make it at home with butane gas, thanks again youtube. Butane is easily purchased and it is one of the easiest solvents to obtain. One dose of this so called “wax” can be the equivalent of 20 joints. THC in wax is so much higher that it is important not to underestimate its effects. This is especially true for the illegal stuff made at home with butane. The dangers are not just with wax though, it is also be used as vapor in e-cigs which can contain up to 15% THC.

The days are coming that we will see marijuana in everything from shampoo to acne medication due to its pain relief and anti-inflammatory agents.

These things may seem far off in the future, but are they? People right now are creating all types of marijuana laced products thanks to the booming marijuana industry. Each one wants to be more unique and be the next big thing. States are legalizing the “drug” at more consistent rates, and the ones who have legalized it have benefited greatly. Funny thing, the ones who have legalized it also have lower teenage usage rates, lower crime and a booming economy.

So, in a nutshell, yes there is a weed infused lip balm. The illegal one is bad. The legal one is safe. Both will get you high. We advise against using the one made at home with butane, but the legal one can be safely and discreetly used in public. It is also safe and discreet to use when traveling. It taste like pot and potpourri. The thing is your skin won’t absorb THC so you have to lick your lips to get high. It doubles as a great lip moisturizer, but it smells like weed. The high is like the relaxed feeling after a good nap, but you are quite alert.

You do have to be responsible. Don’t kiss people who are not users or who could get in trouble for filing drug test while wearing the balm. If you are on the wild side there are some people throwing “kissing” parties that revolve around the weed infused balm. Rather you are indulging in weed infused balm kisses or traveling from China to New York last minute this is a great new addition to the weed infused lineup of 2016.

So, pucker up buttercup. Weed infused lip balm is heading to marijuana dispensaries near you. It will get you high if you lick your lips, and it is a good moisturizer. Note however, eating it is not always the best idea, because a little goes a long way. Also, it won’t be cheap due to the percentages of THC in the container.