Casual hookups? How often should a woman take Plan B in a year

If you’re going to be having casual sex, you should carry contraceptives with you because safe sex is always advised. For those times where you may not have something and just can’t wait or if the condom breaks, you can always go to your local pharmacy and get some Plan B.

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It’s not advised to take the emergency contraceptive more than once in a single menstrual cycle. You are able to take it multiple times in a year without worry of any health risks associated with taking it more than once. If you do take Plan B more than once in a cycle, you are more likely to have menstrual irregularities, as well as other side effects.

The pill’s effectiveness may be reduced with multiple uses, but it is still better to use Plan B than not in the case of contraception failure. While it may be effective in times of emergency, it is not cost-effective.

Plan B is also not as cost-effective as many of the other hormonal and barrier methods used during sex. It’s a contraception, not an abortion drug. It’s a synthetic form of progestin and, forgive my rhyming, but misconception can lead to conception.

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Plan B should not be used on a regular basis and can impact your period if taken more than once a cycle. It’s expensive to use as a sole form of contraception, but approximately 1 in 9 women under 30 have used the morning-after pill after having sexual intercourse. So if you have used it, then don’t worry lady, you’re not alone.