Curious About Derma Rolling? Here’s Everything You Need to Know

Derma rolling a new trend catching on fast as it is said to treat neck, face and scalp unseen skin problems. Derma rolling is also known as micro-needling.

How it works?

A derma roller is a device which contains tiny hundreds of needles. The derma-roller is run through the skin where these tinny needles create small injuries to the skin. This is done so that the skin produces elastin and collagen which will heal the skin and in the process the complexion will seem brighter, and the skin will be plumper and tighter. This is a method one can use to thicken the skin and plumping it especially under the eyes and also filing in wrinkles and plumping up the lips.

Derma rolling or micro needling is said to be effective in the treatment of acne and also discoloration is treated since the needles penetrate deep to the skin. When doing derma rolling always use a serum as the skins absorption rate is increased to 90 percent.

There are other micro needling devices such as the derma pen which is electronic and it mimics the results of derma rolling. This treatment has dramatic immediate results but at the same time it has a down side of bleeding and pain and it can be expensive. There is an option of home derma-rolling and with regular results you will have great results.

How to select a derma roller?

Carefully select a quality retailer or a verified seller before you make a purchase. At least you will be sure you are dealing with a quality product from a verified retailer. The next thing to consider when selecting a derma roller is the needle size. The needle sizes vary between 0.25mm to 0.5mm. However, some experts advise the use of 0.3mm or below needles because anything thicker might cause skin damages especially to the areas around the lips and the eyes. If you feel there is the need to use the bigger sized needles go to a professional who best knows how to handle it.


It is important to use serum especially at home you will maximize the efficacy of it. Select the right serum for you with ingredients which are beneficial to the skin and will not react with the skin. The most important ingredients to look out for and that help most skin types are peptides, hyaluronic acid, stem cells and growth factors. The ingredients stimulate the cell turnover, collagen production and lift hyperpigmentation. The skin is hydrated, firm, plump with smoothed out lines.

Avoid serum that have ingredients like vitamins c and retinol which are active, because they could cause the skin to be sensitive and the derma-rolling treatment could end up causing irritation.

Preparation before derma-rolling

First you need to get your skin ready for derma-rolling. Cleanse the skin then using a chemical peel exfoliate the skin. This is important because it will increase the absorption of the skin. After the peel add two layers of the serum. Now, take the derma roller and roll it over the skin horizontally, diagonally and vertically over the face. The roller should run over the neck, cheeks, lips, forehead and chin twice. Do not press so hard to exert pain on the skin but apply pressure you are comfortable with. When rolling over the lips and underneath the eyes pay special attention to the delicate skin. Then add another layer of serum if you are through with rolling. Retinols can be used overnight if your skin does not react to them.

How often should one do derma rolling?

Derma rolling can be done a few times in a week to once a month. It is ideal that in the beginning of the treatment you do it several times a week and as your skin responds to the treatment you can reduce to once a fortnight and then once a month just for maintenance. Also, if you have lots of fine lines or discoloration regular treatment is recommended until the situation changes.

Derma rolling will depend on the size of the needle you are using. The 0.25mm needle can be used every other day but as you go up reduce the times you do the treatment. For example, 1.5mm needle can be used once a month.

Caring for the derma-roller

Immediately after using the roller use a mixture of detergent and water to clean by swishing the roller around. This is to get rid of the skin proteins and blood on the roller.
Then use isopropyl alcohol to soak the roller for 10 minutes.