Curious about sperm face masks? Here is everything you need to know

Yuk! Is the first thing I said when I heard about sperm face masks and I’m sure the general consensus among the more reserved ladies is “this is only a beauty regime for a crazed porn star!” On the flip side, your boyfriend has already done his research and found out every benefit there is to having his sperm all over your face! So what’s the deal with this new phenomenon? Keep reading to find out.

According to Beverly Hills dermatologist Dr. Will Kirby, there is no scientific evidence confirming that the sperm face mask has any benefits. Dr. Kirby states that as soon as word got around, he has been plagued with questions from his patients and he can categorically state that he will not be putting his stamp of approval on it anytime soon!

The arguments for the sperm face mask do sound compelling to those who don’t come from a scientific background. Semen is packed full of nutrients such as fructose, potassium, calcium, magnesium, zinc and protein. Sperm also contains spermine – which is an antioxidant and it is this that some costly spas have been using to advertise the procedure.

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The combination of antioxidants and protein minerals sounds like heaven to a generation obsessed with the keto and paleo diet and bombarded with pomegranate propaganda. However, there is one important catch; just because you can eat it (not sperm) doesn’t mean it’s good to coat your face in no matter how much pressure you’re under from your boyfriend! I can just hear it now, “oh come on babe, it will help you get rid of your acne.”

While a balanced and healthy diet contains a combination of protein, vitamins and minerals Dr Kirby is certain that they categorically have no benefits when applied to the skin.

The bottom line is ladies, the next time your boyfriend attempts to send you a link to the latest sex blogger endorsing the sperm face mask, politely regurgitate the following facts that have come from the mouth of a trained dermatologist.

Oh, and one more thing for the stubborn women who have come to the conclusion that you’ll just incorporate sperm into your diet instead. (Oh my goodness, even more grotesque!) according to Columbia University you will have to injest approximately one gallon of sperm, not a week, not a month but EVERY DAY to reap any positive benefits from semen, so if your partner can get it up that many times, go ahead! The most prominent nutrient in a “single dose” of sperm is zinc, and the amount varies depending on who its cumming from. (Pun intended)

Dr Kirby says that every male will have a different ratio of ingredients in their emissions, and even in the same man there can be a variation between each release.

If you are still not convinced, let me give you the harsh reality in three words….. SEXUALLY TRANSMITTED DISEASES! (STIs) They are not only spread through penetration but through the nostrils, eyes and lips when applied topically for less of a better word! Even if you have been in a relationship with your partner for some time how do you know he hasn’t dipped out on you and is now carrying an STI? So while you might be desperate for J-Los glowing skin, herpes on your eye is less than appealing. Outside of the STIs, you might be allergic to semen and break out with symptoms that look nothing like your anticipated results.

Dr Kirby also states that there have been several cases where women have developed an allergic reaction to the proteins present in semen which has resulted in allergic contact dermatitis (ACD). This condition shows up as swelling and redness on the skin where the “treatment” was applied. In rare cases a severe semen allergy can cause anaphylaxis which is an extreme allergic reaction that affects the entire body causing hives, swelling of the mouth and throat, asthma and a drop in blood pressure. If you have been considering a sperm facial, you might want to think about the likelihood of an embarrassing visit to the emergency room.

So if there is no scientific evidence to support this trend, how did it become so popular? One of the most recent viral sensations to promote the craze is beauty blogger Tracy Kiss who claims that she has a sperm facial every other week. She recommends it as a cheap beneficial beauty treatment with an endless product supply!

I would rather be on the safe side and listen to the advice of a professional than a blogger, and remember that what’s good for the goose is not always good for the gander. You might want to stick with the traditional laser peels, Botox, moisturizers and surgery. If you are really tight on cash, good old soap and water has never hurt anyone!