Cuz I’m Bossy! Why Bossy Women are Better in the Bedroom

So! You are a hot babe and you know it! That’s right, girl! You are on fire! You are the queen of love, the mistress of temptation! You know how to treat your man right!

And it’s confidence like that that makes all the difference in the world.

The bedroom is your playground! It’s not the place to be ruled through tepidness. A man wants to explore! He wants to horse around. He wants to give as well as take. He doesn’t want some mousy girl wilting in the corner of the bed, afraid of what’s coming next. And he wants to know that what he’s doing is satisfying you. He doesn’t want to guess about it. And he certainly doesn’t want to wonder if you think him a fool.

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Bossy women know how to take command. A man doesn’t always want to be in charge. He is in charge enough on a regular basis throughout each and every day of his life. Once in awhile he just wants to click off and not have to invent the play. He wants to click off and not have to decide which action to take next. He wants his woman to take over the plans and tell him what’s in store for this evening’s pleasures.

Bossy women also know when to hand over the reins to their man. Because they know what it’s like to be in charge, they don’t horde it all for themselves. They don’t want to. There is give and take with a bossy woman in the bedroom. Where as a timid woman is just that: timid. There is no altering a timid woman. She is already at the peak of her capabilities. And exploring the realm of sexual fantasies with the timid is like wrestling a clam into submission.

So, absolutely no timid women here! Let’s hail, instead, to the bossy woman! Sometimes she’s the queen of mean, other times the saint of submission, but always the most fantastic ride a man could ever dream of having in the bedroom!

Yes, we know what you bossy women have been called outside the protective confines of your inner circle. People can be hard on a bossy woman. The bossies are not demure like other women. They don’t always fit into that tried and true mold set for lady like creatures of habit and repetition. Bossy women are full of fire and ideas. They are the movers and shakers of this world of ours. They take over, and at times, become the beasts of burden when others can’t or won’t carry the load. These women are goal driven. They know their purpose and their worth. And they know how to have a man’s back like no other.

Yes, the bossies are boss!

But even bossies need comfort and nurturing from those around them. They are like everyone else in that manner. They can be like a delicate flower in need of protection. That is one of the things people don’t get about a bossie. They don’t understand that what you see when she is making sure everyone’s needs are met, making sure things get done that need to be done, that is only one level to her. Unlike a more docile woman, a bossie’s personality is dynamic. There isn’t simply one side to her, or even two. There are layers within the dynamics of a bossie. And what she gives she expect back in some form or another. And the more you give of yourself to a bossie, the more you get back.

They’re not over there keeping tabs or counting down the favors done. Not most of them, anyway. But they are loyal to those who show loyalty to them. And they have learned how to give and take on many different levels. And it is a special man who wins the heart of a bossie. He who can show he’s earned it and can handle it and survive it is a man who has shown her his own heart first. And it was a heart with honor inside. A heart with good intentions, one with only her best interests etched within its chambers. Because she’s Bossie!