Dating a Personal Trainer Expectation vs. Reality

So you’re considering hitting on your personal trainer, good for you! They are admirable people with more focus and drive than the average person. In other words, they are not normal! Not in a bad way but their lifestyle is just a bit different to everyone else’s. You’re probably really excited about the prospect and have a lot of expectations about what the relationship is going to be like. However, as we all know, expectation is always different to reality. Here’s why.

You’ve always wanted to get in shape but never had the motivation to do it. Now that you’re dating a personal trainer you are really excited that you will finally get the body that you’ve been dreaming of. Here are some of the things that people expect when they are dating a personal trainer.

Free Workouts
Since you’re lovers it only makes sense that your new partner is going to want you to have a great body, I mean hey, it will benefit the both of you right? You will feel confident and your partner has a unique combination of beauty and brains.

A Healthy Diet
Healthy eating has always been your downfall, every week you claim you are going to stop eating chips and burgers and it just never happens. Now you’re hot personal trainer can prepare you a tailored meal plan to get you started on your weight loss journey.

Positive and Upbeat
Being positive is an art; sometimes you can’t help but be a negative Nancy when you look at some of the junk that you have to deal with in life. Dating a personal trainer would be great because you are always going to have someone to motivate you when you’re feeling down.

The Reality
Expectation vs. reality are two completely different things. The expectation is that your personal trainer partner is going to be some insanely disciplined fitness freak who works out like a beast every day. You’ll be shocked at how far from the truth this actually is. Here are some shocking confessions from personal trainers.

Sometimes They Hate Working Out
Contrary to popular belief, there are days when personal trainers don’t want to work out. There are some days when they would rather stay in bed with the curtains drawn watching movies. Yes, personal trainers do live an extremely disciplined life but they do have their off days. No matter how successful you are, everyone has that internal voice that says “not today.” Unlike everyone else, a personal trainer doesn’t have any choice, it’s their job.

They Don’t Always Eat Healthy
For every spinach eating, smoothie sipping personal trainer there are secret fried chicken eaters dotted around. Of course they can’t get away with eating that kind of food everyday but some of them don’t actually like eating fruit and vegetables every all the time and will go off and indulge in some good old grease every once in a while.

They Are In High Demand
This really shouldn’t come as a surprise because what man or woman doesn’t want a partner with a perfect body? Some people can go to work without being hit on; however, the majority of personal trainers don’t have that privilege. They are constantly being propositioned by their clients and sometimes they take them up on the offer! So if you are they type of person who can’t handle their partner getting a lot of attention you might want to think about dating someone other than a personal trainer.

They Don’t Like Being Asked For Free Sessions
If you thought you were going to get a load of free workout sessions you are sadly mistaken. If there is one thing a personal trainer hates most is a friend expecting freebies. The main reason why its’ so annoying is because these free sessions that you are going to want will typically be on their day off when they want to chill. Think about it like this, would you go to work with no pay on your day off? I doubt it!

Their Partner Has to be Strong
A personal trainer can’t date someone who is chronically insecure. Training someone requires that they build a close relationship with their partner and this is often mistake as flirting. Their job is to be positive and encourage you to reach your goals. They have to touch their clients and help them to get into certain positions, (no pun intended) but that doesn’t mean they want anything else. The majority of their client relationships involve trying to get into their head and not into their pants. If you’re the jealous type, you might want to reconsider.

Lifestyle Differences
Firstly, personal trainers are typically self employed and so they don’t work like everyone else. Where you can stay up all night on a Friday evening watching movies, your partner will have to hit the sack because they have to be up at 5am for a 6am boot camp session.

Final Thought
So there you have it, dating a personal trainer isn’t all muscles and sweat; there are some real draw backs. However, you shouldn’t let the negatives put you off because there isn’t any such thing as a perfect relationship. There are pros and cons whether you date a banker or a street cleaner, so if you can handle it, just relax and enjoy the ride.