Debunked Facts and Myths about the Lemon Juice Diet

Debunked Facts and Myths about the Lemon Juice Diet

How daunting and frustrating can it be when all over a sudden you realize, the apparent believes you have always had are all rip-offs. They are all untrue and in fact just mythical. With anything that gains popularity as a result of its diverse benefits, people tends to come up with their own believes about the same. The lemon juice diet has not been left behind with this kind of misconception.

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The good news is that we are going to help you think straight and know when to repel or acknowledge and say, “That’s just a myth” or “Yes, that is absolutely true”. Here we go!

  • Fats and oils from animals.

Myth: There is a misconception that if lemon juice is splashed on food composed of animal oils or fats; it has ability to bring down the calorie content by breaking them down. Most commonly used with fish that is prepared with butter and meat steaks where the acidic nature of the lemon juice is purportedly believed to work on the fats or oils.

Facts: Lemon cannot dissolve the fats and will just have the same effect the stomach acid has on the food and cannot prevent the body from ingesting them. In fact lemon works on these meals as tenderizers and for fish it reduces the smell. It can only work on your appetite and prevent you from anxiously wanting to eat.

  • Body fat

Myth: Some people wrongly believe that when mixed with lukewarm or cold water, lemon juice has the ability to scald the fats already accumulated in the body. Yes lemon juice has so many advantages; it cannot replace healthy dietary plans.

Fact: Lemon should be included in meals to aid digestion hence create a smooth digestion system that allows for adequate fat digestion hence elimination. It has vitamins c which when taken reduces the urge of taking other sugary drinks which contain calories. It is a healthy way of maintaining a balanced diet as it also contains some iron, vitamins B6 and calcium. A healthy diet has to be followed together with lemon juice intake to realize success in body fat eradication. That is why the lemon juice diet has included steps on what to follow and include avoiding confusion. Best results depend on commitment, zeal, positive attitude and knowledge about what is true or what is myth.

  • Glycemic index

Myth: Lemon juice diet can be used to reduce the glycemic index in fatty meals. This is a misconception since meat and fat already can reduce it.

Fact: Yes lemon can reduce the glycemic index in meals but by sprinkling on foods which already can reduce it like meat is a waste of lemon. It can only bring out little effect since the stomach’s acid can do this task on its own. Lemon can actually control blood sugar and reduce response of insulin if used in the right way and often. It can also reduce anger by slowing digestion hence preventing one from eating large portions.