Detoxing: Are Yoni Pearls & Herbal Tampons for Womb Detox Safe?

Can a woman insert anything in her womb if it’s not in the name of sexual reasons or menstrual reasons? Well here is a new trend the womb detox. Womb detoxing is being done by use of tiny bags filled with herbs; these bags are called vaginal pearls, yoni pearls or herbal tampons. Womb detoxing is becoming popular among women who seek cure from bacterial vaginosis, PCOS, yeast infections and fibroids. Some companies which manufacture these products claim that they can even cure endometriosis, ovarian cysts and thrush.

The only problem is that the most of the manufactures of the womb detox herbal tampons are not gynecologists or do not have any medical background. Some gynecologists have been quoted speaking against inserting anything in your womb in the name of home womb cleansing. They say using some products could cause the toxic shock syndrome. The manufacturers have testimonials to prove that their detox really works and also photos of discharge supposedly released after cleanse. Some gynecologists have termed this s evidence of how harmful the detox is to the womb. The reason to support this danger can be explained as: the womb produces excess discharge if it is

  • Irritated
  • Infected
  • The absenteeism of the good bacteria.

However, these photos have caused two main reactions in women, some are eager to try while others are left in fear of inserting those detox products. Amidst all this controversy manufacturing companies are growing.

Detox pearls are balls covered in cloths. The balls are the ones containing the herbs for cleansing.

Facts about the womb and the vagina

The vagina and womb have organs that do self-cleansing when something is wrong. These self –cleansing organs include natural secretions, a maintained Ph, healthy bacteria and a hormonal cycle which keeps the organs healthy. When the womb and the vagina are experiencing a problem the body will signal by foul odor, bleeding, unusual discharge, dryness or itching to show it. With these symptoms you can consult a gynecologist who will give a correct diagnosis of what is wrong and give treatments that will cure the problem.

The womb and the vagina are not connected or rather they are separated from each other; so it is very impossible to place the pearls in the womb. First is the vagina then the cervix. At the center of the cervix is a hole that opens to give birth during labor and opens slightly during menstruation. The rest of the time the hole is closed to keep off things such as tampons, sex toys and penises from getting to it. So just how is this detox going to work if you cannot insert the detox pearls into the womb? There is no explanation of how the herbs placed in the cervix will gain access to the womb or uterus to detox the way it is said.

Womb cleansing

This is a technique that has been used for years but in the recent past it has become a trending practice. The most trending methods are herbal tampons and yoni pearls. They are used by inserting them into the vagina and letting them stay for three days then removing them. After removing the herbs, women experience thick mucus discharge. Osthol, rhizoma and borneol are some of the herbs used for womb cleansing.

How safe is it to buy the cleansing product off the internet?

Some doctors agree that some properties of the herbal tampons and yoni pearls are helpful in womb cleansing. However, how sure are you when you buy off the internet the recipe and quality is right for use? The quality and recipe could be different from what a qualified herbal medicine practitioner would give you to use. Doctors have raised concerns that these cleansing methods might get rid of the good bacteria found in the vagina leaving it prone to vaginal infections.

The sales of these womb detox products is trending but the danger is people are misinformed, they cannot access a health care facility before trying this out and fear that they might get all these infections if they do not cleanse their wombs. If you use a womb detox product you risk damaging your reproductive health and practitioners are yet to determine if this damage is temporal or permanent. Be well informed before you insert those balls for detox.