Diet Soda: Are You Pouring On The Pounds

does diet soda hinder weight loss

Does diet soda really do what it was meant for or is it causing the complete opposite reaction?

There have been multiple discussions on this subject as well as research done right throughout the world. Thus the latest study has shown that diet soda drinkers are not showing any signs of fat loss but in most cases it has exposed an increase in body weight. Sugar is the downfall of numerous people as we all seem to have a sweet tooth now and then, but is diet soda the way to balance our eating habits or has it become an excuse for people to eat more unhealthy food?

Drinking diet soda does not give you permission to now consume more processed foods otherwise take-away sustenance like hamburgers accompanied by chips, this combination can only lead to health issues haunting you very soon in fact. Drinking diet soda is not a solution to weight gain unless done in moderation supplemented by a healthy eating habit although this might even not be a good idea either.

Most diet sodas claim to contain NO SUGAR, is this the only ingredient that is fattening within these drinks? What about the CALORIES in diet sodas, are they not also a cause of weight gain if too much is consumed per day? Other types might actually contain no CALORIES but they contain SUGAR! So how are you supposed to know which is best? Then there are also the chemicals plus other substances used in them!

Studies has also revealed that people drinking two or more diet sodas per day are prone to gain 5 times more weight over an extensive period of time compared to someone who didn’t drink any diet soda at all. Our bodies are such amazing systems. It is now considered that over a long period of time our bodies seems to adjust causing the natural byproducts that cause fat acids which boosts our bodies to accumulate causing the build-up of bad fat cells throughout our bodies.

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It is also believed that this could increase the risk of fat build up being seen in your arteries as well as your organs. Thus causing a higher risk of health problems for you like a number of heart diseases in addition to diabetes, this could all be in your future medical diagnoses. You are causing more damage to your own body that you may think. Daily intake of diet soda has also been believed to sometimes cause an addiction to the elements used thus making it harder and harder to stop even with knowing it could cause medical problems.

Is drinking diet soda worth the risk then?

Do you really want a stroke or insulin shots every day? Well, then go ahead and have some more diet sodas or go for alternative options and restore your body to its natural state. Why not drink more water, smoothies, fruit juice otherwise even coffee in addition to tea will be better options. In doing so you will not only see a drastic change in your energy levels, but also spare your body from unwanted problems that could be life threatening. There are healthier ways to losing weight and multiple options in our advanced age of civilization.

If you are serious about losing weight do more thorough studies and find healthier ways to achieving what you want. Stop now before you become too addicted and completely throw your body off its rails. Just a 10-minute work out a day will already improve your weight problem moreover eating healthy will prove to be more effective than most diet products available on the market today.