Do men think something’s Wrong With a Woman If She’s Not Married By 30?

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Right off the cuff let me say that men in their thirties have either not been married or have already been divorced themselves if they are in a position to even evaluate you on this level, so give yourself a break. Who cares what they think? We live in very different times, and many women have put off marriage to peruse a career, education or in hopes of finding the one. Anyways, you are marrying for life, or at least we hope, so why not be sure you’ve done all of your living before entering into that kind of monogamous relationship?

Alternative lifestyles are the new normal and there is nothing traditional about being traditional anymore. It is amazing how we can live in a culture that is becoming so much more accepting of these alternative “blended” families but women are still being labeled a spinster at age 30, really? There is nothing at all wrong with a woman not being married at 30, and some women wont ever marry at all. Plenty of people are just as happy to “test drive” relationships. You do not have to marry to live a satisfying, full and happy life. All of those things are internally created anyways.

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However, by age 30 it is a good idea for a woman to sit down in front of the mirror and have a heart to heart with herself about how she will want to spend her golden years. Do you want a partner or a few cats instead? That is not to say you need to rush out to get either, but that you may want to start looking at guys as being a bit more than BF or booty call material. If you want children that does put a bit more urgency on the situation. Funny how youth eludes us, isn’t it?

Another thing to remember, the excitement surrounding trophies normally fades shortly after you win it. Look deeper for a soul-mate than the surface.

While we all have standards, and rightfully so, we somehow tend to set the bar too high. Who really cares whether the toilet paper roll faces in or out, and is it not easy enough to fill in that squozen space within the toothpaste tube by pushing from the bottom up? Someday you may have wrinkles and a leaky bladder, wouldn’t you want him to love you anyways? Look, youth will fade, we have to find mates with substance that we can connect with on a much deeper level. Look for someone who makes you feel safe, at home and that you are content to be with even when you are not doing anything. Trust me that giddy feeling in the tummy and fluttery heart has nothing to do with love or the outcome of a long term commitment.

By the time you hit 30 and there are no potential hubbies in mind you do not have to panic, but you do need to get a clear perspective on your future hopes and dreams. Maybe you like things just the way they are and that is fine, but letting life pass you by when deep down inside you wanted something more is a sad occurrence that happens to a lot of women who get caught up making a life only to look back and realize they never gave themselves the chance to truly live.