Do Moms Who Have C-Sections Get Less Respect?

One of the main trends in child birth nowadays is the c-section. Some moms prefer it while others are required to have it. They can be scheduled or done in emergency circumstances, but the circumstances are often forgotten when you hold that sweet baby in your arms.

You may find yourself in a circle play group and the topic of when your baby was born comes up. Natural birth moms feel they have really done something when they have underwent the “natural childbirth process” and rightfully so, however this should not be a competition. When a woman undergoes a c-section she will have months of recovery, it is scary and often times she will be awake for the procedure witch is even more traumatizing not to mention the scar she will carry for life.

It is not “over” after she delivers the placenta like it normally is in natural childbirth, so when a woman undergoes a c-section, not only should she not lose respect, but she should gain a significant amount of respect. This is a strong woman who will, despite major surgery, get up with and care for her newborn child in bliss as any mother would.

It seems that in the times we live in new moms are always being judged. Either they don’t breast feeds or they do so in public. I mean no matter what you do someone is almost always going to have something to say about it. If you have had a c-section or natural child birth, so what! The thing that matters is that you choose the method that is right and safest for you and your child.

All too often people lose sight of the big picture

There are health conditions and risks for some women that prevent them from having or make a natural birth very risky to the life of their baby and ultimately their own. Sure, most moms would prefer the natural method, but a woman having a c-section should get no less respect than anyone else who had health related issue, for instance, the cancer patient losing respect for losing their hair?

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These women and their children are normally survivors of some potentially tragic event, and they should be held to those standards. If you have had a c-section do not be ashamed, but wear that scar with dignity in remembrance of the selfish sacrifice and total bravery you displayed to protect and bring your child into this world. If someone is judging you about your surgery it is from pure ignorance on the topic. I mean, in a world filled with judgment, must we come into the world being judged or be judged on how we bring forth life as well? Maybe so, but again, that is simply not what matters.

What matters is you, your baby.

Again, it is not important what others think, as long as you know you have done what is best for you and your child. The judging wont stop there, so consider it a war up in a world of ignorance, and just keep on keeping on!