Don’t Text Me, Call Me: How Technology Has Rocked Our Dating Lives

If you feel dating has become less and less romantic, you aren’t alone. With all types of social media platforms, apps, and texting, asking a person out on a date can be akin to asking them what their favorite color is. Besides the lack of romance, texting and technology also allows people to be more impulsive with their words and the decisions they make. That being said, technology has also has its benefits as well. Here are just some of the ways technology has rocked our dating lives.

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  • It’s less intimidating to ask a person out on a date. While you may not think it’s as romantic to be asked out on a date via text, it doesn’t mean it isn’t easier. Many people are extremely shy and nervous when it comes to asking someone out on a date. If there is a way for a person ask you out on a date without you having to see him sweating and a nervous wreck, it is a welcomed option. It may not be as personable, but it can still get the job done. When it comes to texting and asking someone out on a date, you can proofread, rewrite, or take your time to write an impressive text that ultimately can flatter the other person. So perhaps romance and technology can be a match made in heaven.
  • However constant interaction can blur relationship lines. If you and the person you are interested in text constantly on a daily basis, you may think you guys are a thing but he may think otherwise. Unless you two talk about what type of relationship you are in, it can be confusing. He may think you two are casually dating while you might think you two could be heading down a serious path. Thread carefully, this usually always results in one person getting hurt.
  • Men and women can hide behind technology. When I mean hide, I mean using it to flirt and talk to more than one person. Some men will ask more than one woman to hang out to see who responds first. It’s a safe way to lessen the chances of getting rejected. Besides playing all different types of hands, millennials and tech lovers can find themselves to feel inadequate when it comes to communication. Because of technology, it’s often harder to express emotions and this causes people to hide behind their social media accounts, phones, and computers.
  • Technology can move the relationship faster than both parties are ready for. Since you can be in constant communication with the person of interest, it can feel as if the relationship is accelerating very quickly. Now whether or not that’s a good thing depends on how ready both parties are for this particular relationship. On the other hand, sometimes technology and online dating can delay real life and meeting in person. This can be due to being worried about the possible disappointed with the actual person when you’ve fallen in love with the internet personality.

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