Dying Your Hair: What Going Blonde May Do To Your Hair

Going blonde may seem like an easy way to change up your look. Celebrities are always dying their hair and blondes have more fun anyway, right? Maybe not. Before you take the plunge and go blonde there are a few risks you should consider.

The most common issue facing bottle blondes is hair damage. Exposing your hair to chemicals found in dyes or bleach can really mess up your hair. After applying dye, new blonde often find their hair dry or lacking in shine. The bleaching agents in blonde dyes can leave hair looking burnt or dead especially after repeated use. Frequent use of hair dye chemicals can not only damage hair but cause serious hair loss. Though, if done safely by a professional, this hair damage can often be avoided. However, if you’re the type of girl who changes her hair color on a weekly basis, even a professional dye job may not protect you from split ends and hair damage.

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“So what” you think to yourself, “everyone’s hair is a little damaged; big deal!” But it gets worse. Unsafely dying your hair blonde can also cause blindness. Bleaches and dyes can run down your forehead and into your eyes and cause severe eye damage and even permanent loss of vision. Even if you’re being careful, the chemicals can get on to your hands and then into your eyes. Obviously, one can take precautions to avoid putting their eyes in danger, but is it really worth the risk?

And last but not least, hair dye can cause cancer. You probably never thought that your drugstore hair dye kit could cause such a harsh disease. The most common type of hair dye-related cancer is bladder cancer but preliminary studies reveal that hair dye may be linked to leukemia and lymphoma. A woman’s risk increases every time she dyes her hair. Women who began dying their hair in their teens or 20’s are also at a higher risk due to increased exposure. Even if you don’t put the dyes on your own head, you’re at risk. Studies indicate that hairdressers and barbers are also at an elevated risk for cancer. These results are not entirely conclusive but more extensive studies are being performed. That in mind, hair dyes contain so many harsh and synthetic chemicals that the chance of some of them being exceptionally harmful to humans is a real threat.

Rest assured there are safer ways to color your hair. Using natural dyes or DIY coloring (like lemon juice and sunlight) can prevent a lot of these unwanted side effects of going blonde. Consider chamomile or marigold tea to fulfill your blonde ambition.