Exactly how safe is the Lemon Juice Diet?

cons of lemon juice diet

Lemon juice diet involves taking lemon juice for a given amount of time basically seven to ten days without eating anything else. In this diet at least twelve glasses of the lemon mixture of water, a tenth teaspoon of cayenne paper, two tablespoons of fresh lemon juice and maple should be consumed. The process is commonly known as the master cleanse that detoxifies the body and aids in reduction of weight. You can take a glass of salt water or natural tea in the process.

This diet gives the body a break from the usual digestion process creating a neutral correction in the imbalances. There are pro-lemon juice drinkers who have followed the diet and who continue to. They seem to have realized results like better skin, weight reduction, and energy increase and renewed vitality.

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Those who don’t believe in the diet claim that if the body is deprived of the desired nutrients, it could result in problems and once the diet is stopped, accumulation of fats and toxins come with force. This is because during nutrients deprival, the body’s metabolism is lowered. There is a concern that the body doesn’t need outside cleansing agents as it does the work itself using the liver. Forcing it is just traumatizing it for no reason. Weight loss by only fluid intake is very dangerous due to lack of enough nutrients to run the body.

Despite the above reasons to disapprove the safety of the diet, this cleansing process is still widely used and is really just safe. It is therefore important to do research before embarking on this journey. There can be lapses within the process due to lack of preparedness. One might have an urge to eat, consequentially killing the sole purpose of the procedure.

Here are tips for you to follow when embarking on this diet.

  • Mark your calendar

Planning is a key aspect in winning any test. You need to ensure your subconscious knows when the diet will start. This helps you mentally by getting you ready for the big step.

  • Plan in advance and practice

A week before the diet starts reduce your food intake and remove the wrong foods from the diet. If you practice not eating a lot of what you always eat in advance, then when the marked day comes, nothing much will change apart from what you will be ingesting. Don’t wake up tomorrow and decide. “From now, lemon juice diet it is!” This will be a recipe for complete failure and disaster.

  • Analyze the benefits of the diet

You should write down the benefits that you will accrue from this diet. Is it attracting the opposite sex, gaining self confidence, losing some pounds to scare off disease or gaining energy? You can decide to fully follow the diet basing on the potential benefits.

  • Plan your time during the diet

Have a number of tasks and activities you will engage in when dieting. This will ensure you are getting enough destruction from your normal lifestyle. The activities should be lower energy consuming like reading, watching something that has characters emerging as victors in hard situations and having spar appointments

  • Paralyze the devil.

Yes, the devil. Food is your devil in this case. You need to get rid of any that is in the house to avoid self-endorsed temptations. The far away food is from you, the easier it is to forget about it. Make sure the right dietary foods are the only ones in the house a day before the diet begins.